I clicked on this article thinking I’d learn something new.  Ummm….all I’ve got to say is that this guy is getting paid mondo bucks for common sense.  My reaction when I read the article was, “Duh!”


By the way, y’all.  I’m in complete denial that I have to go back Tuesday.


Sunday Song

Matthew 19:26
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Ecclesiastes 3:11
He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Over the past year, God has restored so much to my physical well-being and my outward appearance.  It is something I’ve prayed for a good long time, now.  I look forward with much anticipation to meeting my goals.  However, I know I cannot be truly healthy and looking good in my appearance without God and His intervention.

He is our healer, provider, and our Father, who loves us very much.

Additionally, don’t forget to find the beauty in unlikely places, too.  It is there, even when we don’t like what we see in the mirror.  The person I am inside has changed so much and has become so much better.  I think that is just as important.  Actually, considering I’ll never be a super-model, I’d say the what’s going on inside is way more important.  Ugly shrew is not an aspiration of mine.

“Something Beautiful”–Newsboys

I guess it’s depends on what the meaning of failure is…

A frequent commenter on Wyatt’s blog, Sully, left a link to Founding Bloggers.  The post has a video of a field trip of sorts.  This little trip is on a bus that wants to provide evidence that Bush’s legacy is one that none of us should believe is any good.

The best part is when the Vet for Freedom decides to ask the oh-so-informed one how the surge failed (while quoting Pelosi et al).  It is really good.  Go watch it.

What I’d like to note is the demeanor and calm with which the vets present themselves.  However, would we expect anything less?  I think not.

A funny thing happened…

After dropping my dad off at his house, today, I drove through my town.  I wanted a bottle of water, so I stopped at the local convenience store.  As I was pulling into the store, there were a couple of boys (no more than 18-20), and they just kept staring at me.  To be honest, they looked like they could be the sons of a couple of guys I went to school with; after all, they were spitting images of them.  But, I was a little creeped out that they were staring at me.  They even stopped their truck next to my car to do it.  I tried not to look, too.  They were smiling and not saying anything, so at least they weren’t among the many who feel the need to point out that I am heavy.  I think I know that little fact.  Anyway, I don’t know whether to be flattered or creeped out.  They were probably staring at the boobs.  They’re guys.  I’m used to it.

So, when I came out of the store, I took some pictures of my town (just felt like it).  This is the neighborhood where I used to live.  I live in a really shady part of the town, now.  I’m not talkin’ nice, shady trees, either.

That yellow house?  Right next to it is the one where I spent the ages of 2-18.  I used to walk those railroad tracks, play in the storm drain that went under the road to the other side of the tracks, and used to ride my bike all over the place (still have cinder in my knee to prove it).  The guy that lived in the yellow house helped to rebuild my bike, put up a tire swing for me and my neighbor friend to play on, and he had a duck and turtles, along with a very nice dog.  I used to call him Uncle Jim.  He was a really nice man given to the addiction of alcohol.  Nice guy, though.

Those are the train tracks on which I used to walk to school (4th-6th grades).  That field is not only our Pop Warner field, it is also a baseball field where I kept score for our JV baseball team.  I remember once when I was little, my mom and I went out for a walk.  There was a game going on for one of the tavern leagues.  The guys were drunk and beating each other with bats.  That was a lovely sight.

That’s the school I walked to when I traveled the tracks.  I loved walking the track like a balance beam.  We used to see if we could throw rocks over the trains as they passed by.  I opted not to see if I could jump up on a train to catch a ride.  I had my limits.  My friends did it, but not me.

This is a new section that was just built.  I’m glad they built it where they did.  I used to be bullied a lot and that was a hill, that at recess, I’d get pushed down quite a lot by the boys.  Boys always wanted to bully me.  I never understood it.  (I’d go into the beatings, but why bother.)

This is an older section where the 6th graders were.  I was always in the older section of the school on the other side.  I always thought the kids in the newer section were the “cool kids”; however, it turns out, if you were in the smarter classes, you were in the older part of the school.  Heh.

That is our town’s Catholic church.  The church next to it with the white-ish roof is my church.  My pastor and his entire family started out at the Catholic church….ended up at ours in the ’70s.

So, that is part of my town.  (This might be a cool, informal meme if anyone felt so inclined.)

Friendly reminder…

It is almost that time, diet buddies!  Our first official weigh-in is Saturday, September 6; however, take your weight Tuesday, September 2, and begin changing your lifestyle.  If you don’t feel comfortable posting your weight, just your weight loss (or gain) is enough.  Feel free to tell us how you are doing it or if you need help.  That’s why we are doing this:  accountability and support.

I have an appointment with my thyroid/PCOS doctor, Tuesday.  He’s going to be so happy!  During a doctor’s appointment this week (with a different doctor), my blood pressure was 110/80.  YAY!  My blood work will be done with the endocrinologist (thyroid/PCOS guy).  I’m just about 40 lbs. thinner than the last time I saw him, too!

I’m finally in the physical position to join a gym, too.  I did a lot of walking this summer and feel up to amping the energy level a bit.  I’m going to try to get some good exercise four days a week.  I’m trying to balance my stress level with pleasant down-time this year.  I have decided that Fridays, after school, are movie days and the weekends are for me, visiting with my dad, and going to church.

As of right now here is the group:

(If you’d like to join in, or if I have forgotten your name, PLEASE remind me in the comments.  Thanks!  I feel like I’m forgetting a couple of people…hate that.)

Caption Contest

Provide a witty and entertaining caption for this photo.  I’ll post winner Tuesday evening, since Monday is a holiday.  Have a wonderful weekend!


WOW!  The choices were hard this week!  Instead of chopping down to half, I had to keep the winners list as a top ten.  Great job, y’all!

10.  Dennis: Years later, Hillary grew to regret her pantsuit choice….

9.  Cowboy Blob: Someone’s gonna get lucky tonight!

8.  TrekMedic251: NOW HQ reacting to McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin for running mate!

7.  Maggie Mama: When Maureen Dowd couldn’t get her family into Invesco Field, they returned to Motel 8 to watch Obama’s acceptance speech on tv.

6.  Toytowner: Honest, it was the haggis that made me sick!

5.  Rodney Dill: Next year I think we should have a Butterball instead of Wild Turkey for Thanksgiving, Emma.

4.  Les James: What was I thinking? I’ll never double date with grandma again.

3.  Mark Ducharme: This week on VH1s’, “Where are they then? – The Future Editions” , it’s, Brad Pitt: What the Hell Happened?

2.  Wyatt Earp: Jimmy’s rufie colada lands him another blue-haired beauty.

And this week’s winner is. . .

1.  John D: This week on DIRTY JOBS, Mike Rowe tries the dirtiest job of all: Rest Home Gigolo.


Just some thoughts…

While watching the speeches this evening, a couple of things stood out to me.

The first thing was the list of everything Obama will do if elected POTUS.  1.  The president doesn’t have that kind of power.  His plans are at the mercy of the representatives and senators.  2.  As with any candidate that makes promises to appease pretty much everyone, the plan behind the talk is missing.

I also noticed that the speakers kept addressing everyone as “my fellow democrats”.  What happened to being Americans first and everything else second and so forth?

The speeches also made me think about what it is I want more than anything in life:

1.  To be a help and “be there” to and for my parents.  I look to the Bible for that guidance, or I at least try to.

2.  Good health.  Only God can provide it.

3.  A somewhat debt-free existence.  Again, only God can truly provide.

4.  Love.  Plain and simple, I desire to be loved and to be able to give love without having it thrown back in my face.  Only God can move in the hearts of folks.

So, as I see it, a POTUS cannot provide the things I desire.  Those that aspire and attain that position are merely men.  They are given to failure, have flaws, will not please every single person, and will most likely appoint folks with which we do not always agree.

God is in control.