So, some of my “kids” were talking about something and I totally got a flashback to when I was 15, carrying my MOB (mother of all boomboxes), and listening to Metallica’s Ride the Lightning. I was thrown back to the local Catholic church’s carnival and just strutting around with Metallica blasting. Hmmm…good thing there weren’t any nuns around to bust my knuckles.


Go play in traffic!

This is where I live. Really. When I come home late I can smell Dunkin Donuts. Nice.

I read that Google Maps now has a feature that allows people to get up close and personal. You know, I really don’t need to see some guy picking his ass as he gets into his car.

Happy lurking, folks!

Itchy feet

My grandmom once said that I have itchy feet. It was her way of saying that I’m a dreamer. I am visual and I think that’s why I get itchy. I see things in my head that I want to do and I can’t get the “dream” out of my mind. I love mountains, especially. I daydream about living in/near them quite often. Maybe it is all the people overload I experience. Looking at them calms me.

Another dream I have is to someday do a major road trip. I’ve done the whole Philly to Los Angeles thing and back. It was pretty. Well, Indiana was kind of boring. However, I have wanted to drive to Montana (visit friends–recent thing) and then drive up into British Columbia to Fernie. My grandmom grew up in B.C. and her father (a lawyer) likely took part in trials in that very courthouse you see pictured. Then, after I see Fernie, I’d like to go to Victoria and then down the Pacific coast. My uncle was responsible for B.C. Hydro’s part in the Columbia River dams…I’d like to see whatever there is to see concerning that whole thing. I think I’d even like to see Northern California, but not San Fran…no thanks…no desire. Maybe next year.

I plan on cutting the apron strings over the next year. I also look forward to taking better care of myself. It has been a rough year (heck, three years) and especially rough couple of weeks. Well, at least in three weeks I won’t have to grade anymore essays for a couple of months. In July, I get to reconnect with some family, too.

My favorite Phillies game was when I was really young. It was Memorial Day and the Phillies were playing the Pirates. The game had Bake McBride getting his arm spiked by an infielder, a bench clearing brawl in which Mike Schmidt hurt his hand, and a gutsy win with Bowa hitting in an important run (maybe the game winner). I think the Phanatic was newly “born” at this point, too. Fun for all and very exciting. However, what had my attention from the very beginning was something like this…