May I borrow your towel?

First, Wyatt tried to make the girls happy by posting a picture of Tom Brady. Ummm…he’s a dork, Wyatt. Anyway, Mrs. Grim then retorted with pictures of Hugh Jackman. However, she neglected the poor man’s best asset. His BODY! Heh. Here’s a yummy Hugh Jackman photo. Nice…a man not afraid to have chest hair. Why are guys shaving their chests these days? WHY!?!?!



When I was little, my aunts used to take care of me quite often. Usually because my mom was working a lot and my grandmom and I needed a break from each other. I have one aunt, in particular, that kept me overnight a great deal. When I was with her family, I always felt like I was in a family. I never felt that way any other time. She has a husband who absolutely adores her and would no doubt be lost without her. She has children, their spouses, and grandchildren, all of whom, love her very much. I was telling my cousin the other day just how much I always appreciated what my aunt did in allowing me to spend time with her family. That’s why the news of her being diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer has just knocked the legs out from under me.

Please, ladies…for your sake and the sake of your loved ones, keep your appointments with the “ewww yucky” doctor, so that at least things might be caught early if they need to be caught.

I am setting a goal for myself that this time next year I will be as fit as I have ever been (Lord willing). I have found a hospital-based wellness/fitness program that includes a gym, trainer, and dietitian. I could be doing wiser, debt-related things with my money right now, but I need better health. Without it, I’m not going to have the life that I so desire. A year from now, I want to be able to walk in the next “walk” that raises awareness of ovarian cancer–for my aunt.

Slowwwwww day

I’m watching the Phillies, hoping they don’t squander a lead and hoping the Mets continue to go down in flames. While doing that, I’ve decided to post a few comics that I thought you might like. Ugh, the agony of loving sports teams!

Sunday Song

Lately, I’ve been finding myself, while in prayer, saying that I have to believe that God is real and that He hears me in addition to seeing what is going on in my life. Today, I had one of “those” talks (me ranting) with God. I’m frustrated by a lot areas in my life and the news I received yesterday about my aunt put me over the edge a bit. But, I keep saying “I have to believe” that the faith I have had for so long is real. I’ve seen evidence of God’s provision and His answers to prayer. I’m human, though, and sometimes it just all gets to be a bit much.

God’s sense of humor? After my hissy fit, I was eating my lunch and almost seriously choked on a pea. A PEA! It was down that wrong tube…scary. But then a few minutes after I dislodged the deadly pea, my best friend called me to see how I was doing because she had felt the need to do so.

So, today’s Sunday song is what is in my heart. I’ve never heard of this singer, but I really like her voice (If I could sing well, this is how I’d want my voice to sound), and the song itself is good.

Song: “I Have to Believe”
Artist: Rita Springer


I was just reading a story about a school that has banned hugs. Now, granted, the hugs were banned because of hallway congestion, but why entirely ban them? I don’t see much in the way of kids kissing (thank God!) in my school, but I do see a lot of hugs. Hugging is therapeutic. I often have students that don’t see their parents much because of the hectic teenage schedule in conflict with the equally busy schedule of the parents. I also see a lot of kids who are starved for attention and affection. A classmate’s hug might be the only affection some of my students ever get. Think about it. I dare say a few of us who read this post, me included, came from homes where affection was somewhat unheard of. I know what it is like for a parent to reject a hug or not be affectionate.

I also remember when high school was a place where I saw a couple of friends (was a complete outcast, but had one really good friend) and received hugs quite often. It was a mutual need for affection that was not sexual in nature. We hugged in the hallways, in the smoking section, and when we were out and about….even in my car (nothing bad came from it).

Simply, these kids really do need affection and that is why they turn to things to cope and feel good. Hugs should be the least of our worries.

There are times that I’m really jealous of my students. They can just walk up to someone they know and get a hug. It is the one time in life that hugs and affection among friends is so easy and effortless. I even had a girl rest her head on the shoulder of the guy next to her, today. She wasn’ meaning anything tawdry by it; she just wanted affection.

I think of all the things lacking in my life, what I miss most is affection and to be hugged. I really do think that its purpose is to help restore people and provide well-being.

There just isn’t enough of it these days.