New to the Neighborhood

There are two new bloggers in our midst. Their arrival has been announced by Wyatt and Sssssteve. They are Steve’s cousin, Wrecks of Oregon, and Wyatt’s friend and fireman, Den, at First In.

If you haven’t visited them yet via Wyatt’s and Ssssssssssssssssssssteve’s blogs, do so now and say hello.

I’m going to go plan my future as a friendless, spinster, cat-lady now.


Mixed Emotions

In the past hour I’ve experienced frustration, laughter, and crying.

In the past hour I’ve finally installed my DSL…wow…I feel like Speedy Gonzalez right now.

In the past hour I’ve experienced laughter…my best friend and friend since I was twelve…well she just asked me to take part in her wedding. I didn’t know she was engaged. SURPRISE!

In the past hour I’ve experienced tears: I’m sad, because when is it going to be me that gets to fall in love…the real kind. I’m sad, because my friend of 25 years will be moving away in June when she gets married. Her husband-t0-be is an officer in the Army.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not jealous, but I’ve been dealing with a lot and we always commiserated with our broken hearts and poor choices in men. I’m happier for her than I could ever express, but it is all way too emotional for me right now.

I’m gonna go hide under my covers…after I watch the Muppet Matrix.


Despite my computer issues, this has been a really good week. For the first time in seven years of teaching I am calm and not stressed-out. I am caught up on my grading and ahead in my planning. This is unheard of, especially in our school. My school sends hundreds of students to Ivies and upper tier colleges/universities. You know…all the liberal ones. In any case, as the saying goes, “To those whom much is given, much is expected.” I have awesome kids and some students who need a lot of help…but they are open to the help. I had a heart-to-heart with my “city” girl. She is beginning to realize the opportunities she has via our school and the community. I have hope for her…I hope she realizes it is ok to hope in herself. Back-t0-school night is this week, so maybe I can speak with her mom and dad…yes…both are in her life and in her home. Nice, isn’t it? Most of our students have two parent homes, which for me, is weird. I’m used to being around people from one-parent homes.

I’ve had some really good conversations about literature this week. Our first newspaper came out today…it was great, and I am so proud of the students. They worked very hard, and they took the task very seriously.

So, I haven’t seen much news to rant, I haven’t had any real dramas this week to whine, and I got paid today…so I can pay my bills. Cool.

Have a good evening, y’all!

Hopefully, I will have something witty over the weekend. I’m not proofreading this one…sorry for any errors.

Anyone notice I was gone?

Friday wasn’t the 13th or a full moon, right? What a bad freakin’ day. I get to school, everything is ok. I begin to feel sick, which is normal for a mold-ridden building. Then, I am informed I have to stay after school yet again…I hate 70 hour weeks. The next class, some idiot kid hits me with a nerf ball. My fault, I brought it into class actually expecting the rocket scientists to obey the rules of the game we were playing. UGH! Then I get into my car to come home…oh, around 7pm…I was there until 10 pm the evening before…my sweater gets caught on something on my car and rips…damnit, I just bought that sweater! Then….I finally get home to my comfy bed, awaiting me is my laptop, ready for me to check my emails and read my links on the blog. The only thing is that my hard drive decides to die. Yippie!!! I get to call Dell and speak to “Mike.”

I’ll get a new hard drive tomorrow, but how was I supposed to get my work done for the week? I bought a new computer and it is 2:07 a.m. and I haven’t gotten anything done but grading and wasting five hours reading a newspaper my students want to publish, but they didn’t bother making any of the edits, yet. So…I won’t get any sleep tonight—why bother, I’ve got a new computer. I’m giving the fixed laptop to my mom after it is fixed tomorrow night. I’m tired, cranky, and so over the whole set up a computer and scanner/copier/printer thing. Oh yeah…I upgraded. I’m gonna get photoshop and InDesign, too. So bite me.

So, those of you who thought maybe I fell off the face of the earth or thought I was just sleeping, think again….I almost had a melt down this weekend. I’ll be back in a couple of days when I get caught up on my school work.

Every weekend it is something else. I am really beginning to think God is trying to show me that no weekend is perfect and that I just need to get my butt back in church on Sundays instead of doing insane amounts of work.

Now imagine a Miss Piggy karate chop to my laptop and I’m done!


I know my posts are nothing to write home about on a normal day, but I’ve been pulling some late nights at school. I got home at 11 p.m., tonight.

I’m beat, not witty, or feeling very loquacious.

Hope you all have a nice Friday! Maybe creativity will visit me. Probably not.

Hockey Great Retires

Tie Domi has retired from the NHL. As a Flyers fan I have vivid memories of chanting, “dummy, dummy,” during his years as a New York Ranger. My favorite hit against Domi? The accidental mid-ice smash up between Domi and Rod Brind’Amour that left Domi seeing stars and smurfs, while Rod Brind’Amour kept right on going. That was sweet. Better yet, Domi was ok.

Domi, though was more than a thug. He always displayed a good work ethic and seems to be a class-guy off the ice. I was looking for pictures of him to post. While I have posted a picture that shows him for his sport, I did come across a family picture that reminds me…all these guys have hearts, wishes, dreams, families, and other loved ones.

Happy retirement, Domi. You earned it!

Why do I?????

Why do I watch the news when I come home from work? Glenn Beck: Apparent warnings to Muslims in America to high-tail it out of NYC and DC asap…

Why do I allow the Philly sports teams to lead me on, toy with my affections-only to leave me sobbing? Damnit!

Why do I let my job dictate my personal life…or lack thereof?

Why do I have absolutely nothing of worth to write about today?