Glenn Ford RIP

I just read an obituary of sorts for Glenn Ford. He died today. While the obituary (actually more than one obituary) listed his many accomplishments as an actor, it did not even mention his service to our country. This angers me. Of all of his accomplishments, serving in our military should be listed at the top. Ford was a hero that wore a uniform for previous generations so that my generation could enjoy freedoms we so obviously take for granted.

I knew he was a veteran of WW II, but what I did not know, as reported on a web site that honors him, is that Ford served two tours in Vietnam, too. He was also a highly decorated veteran. In fact, the man did so much more than I have just mentioned.

What speaks volumes to me is that every time a movie came on television with him as part of the cast, my mom would always mention his military service. He deserves more than to just have his movie bio listed.



For The Boys

This is a special post (example of pandering) for the red-blooded, all-American men that read my blog.

Anna and Charlize send their love; they wish you were there…

I need to go wash the “ick” off of me, now. Perhaps the gentleman in the picture below will help me!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!!

A week from Thursday, I begin my seventh year of teaching. In honor of the “seven-year-itch,” I have decided to channel some humor and try a top ten list of what I can look forward to during the school year.

10. Assignments turned in to me with weird stains and substances encrusted on them.

9. The word “opportunity” spelled “oppertunitie” at least a bazillion times–despite my efforts to correct the spelling. BTW, why do students insist on creating possessives when they want to make a word plural???? I correct the errors, but again…they ignore my corrections. Yes, their grades get lower because of it.

8. At least four notes from parents stating that their children could not finish an essay on time (after given a week, and two of those days in class) because: a pet was ill, the child was ill, a pet died, or because the computer blew up into tiny pieces.

7. Parent emails that state his/her child is different from all the others and needs special attention, special seating, my individual attention after school, weekly or daily emails reporting on the child’s progress, etc….this email will come from at least twenty parents. (BTW…I do offer help after school…I’ve had about five students in seven years take me up on the offer.)

6. The same student will always be absent for all tests, quizzes, and in-class essays. That same student will wait until threatened with a zero to make up the work.

5. I will have at least one student cut class to study for a test for another class.

4. All of my students will have ADHD/ADD/OCD and some kind of barking/mad dog disorder….at least their parents are convinced of it.

3. There will be students who think that sucking up to me works.

2. There will be students who think I hate them because I grade them honestly and try to help them improve.

And the number one thing to look forward to during the school year:

1. Kids who want to negotiate their grades the last day of the marking period….because a “B” shames the family name (actually have had that said to me and it was true).

**Bonus: I will have at least one student copy an essay word-for-word off of another student or piece one together from various websites and turn the essay in to the required plagiarism site. That student will deny any evidence of cheating. Nice.

Of course, these are all “problems” that my counterparts in lower-performing schools would love to have. Truth be told, I’m very grateful for my job. I’m blessed.

Poor Taste

I watched the Emmy Awards show and something has been bothering me about it. The show “opener” included a Lost-like plane crash and wash-up on a beach followed by various entrances into other shows. Now I know these opening segments are done in advance, but they are capable of editing magic. I think the show would have survived with a clever edit that just had Conan O’Brien wash up on the beach. Folks would’ve “gotten it.” We would have figured out it was a spoof on Lost, and that perhaps the crash was eliminated out of respect for those who died in the plane crash today (and their grieving families). Guess tact and manners really are dead in this society.


Earth to Joe, Come In, Joe

For those of you not from the Philly, tri-state area, Sen. Joe Biden from DE thinks that he has an actual chance of becoming the next President of the United States. Years back, he plagiarized his speeches, and made false claims about his family background. He also had hair plugs years back, too-suspiciously around the time he had a brain tumor removed. Well, a few months ago he made a remark about bumping into South Asian Indians at 7-11 and Dunkin Donuts. Now he is looking to implant his other foot into his extremely wide mouth. I wonder what would happen if say, Frist or another Republican said things Biden has. (BTW, there have been bonehead comments in recent weeks by Republicans, but Biden is a repeat offender, big time.) This article in total was lifted from AP.

Biden not worried about Southern Dems
Sen. Joseph Biden (news, bio, voting record) says he can hold his own in a 2008 presidential primary against Democratic contenders from the South, noting that his home state of Delaware was a “slave state.”
Biden dismissed the notion that he was a “Northeastern liberal” who would have a poor showing in the South against other likely contenders such as Virginia Gov. Mark Warner and former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina, the 2004 Democratic vice presidential nominee.
“Better than anybody else,” Biden said, when asked on “Fox News Sunday” to rate his chances of winning Southern states.
“You don’t know my state,” he said. “My state was a slave state. My state is a border state. My state has the eighth-largest black population in the country. My state is anything from a Northeast liberal state.”
The last three Democrats to win the presidency — Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and Lyndon Johnson — came from the southern states of Arkansas, Georgia and Texas, respectively.

Haven’t Done that in Two Years

There was a minor triumph in the RT household this evening. After a four hour nap (ugh), I cooked myself dinner. Sounds trivial, but I haven’t done that in two years-haven’t been able to stand up and cook. My mom lives with me, so she’s been cooking, in case you just had images of cereal for all my meals. Gluten-free pizza w/out tomato sauce. Could’ve used more garlic, but I kneaded the dough and actually cooked. Now, if by Oct. 7th I could actually be able to go to the Maiden concert in Camden…I’d be a happy camper. I won’t go, but a girl can dream.

I watched the MTV2 Maiden program this evening. It was awesome! I wish they had played a full video, though. The guitars sound amazing. I appreciated how they talked about how they get the subject matter for their songs. Hopefully the youngins will take note that metal isn’t all about insanely dark stuff and can have a purpose….sounding like the cookie monster on crack isn’t one of them. Hey, even Megadeth is putting out a cd titled United Abominations–it’s about what a joke the UN is. You go, Dave.