Make like a tank and leaf?

I have different levels of happiness: There is puppy-dog happy, big-deep breath with a huge smile happy, and geeky happy. They don’t have any particular order, but puppy-dog happy is my tilt…I lose control of my right mind and smile like a dork. Big breath happy is just pleased satisfaction. However, geeky happy is usually reserved for technology.

Today, I got geeky happy. I was reading about a tank that the British are developing that will be “invisible.” Think smoke and mirrors. It will be done with cameras and scenery. It is straight out of James Bond. It is pretty cool. You can find a picture and an article HERE.

Speaking of 007, Daniel Craig has signed on to do four more Bond movies. If they are anything like his first venture into secret spy world, those movies should be amazing. I can’t wait to see how they top the construction site chase scene. WOW!


Sad Day

While I will probably post my usual inane stuff, I could not let what has happened in the past four days, especially the last 24 hours, go by without commenting on it.

In four days, three police officers were shot in Philadelphia. Last night an officer was shot in the shoulder. The thug who shot at him aimed for his head. He ended up jumping into the Schuylkill River and drowning. Swift justice.

Unfortunately, today, less than 24 hours after last night’s shooting, Officer Charles Cassidy was doing his job and was shot in the head for his efforts. All I can say is pray for him, his family, his friends, and for the police officers. They need it.

There are just no words for how angry I am about what has become of Philadelphia.

Officer Cassidy

Captain America has a good post about the events of the day and the outcome for a murderer of a cop who was killed a year ago.

Wyatt, however, has personal connections to today’s shooting and has posted about it.

Poe = Halloween!

Well, it is that time of year. I think my favorite horror/suspense actor is Vincent Price. However, everything I found was too chopped or too long. I did find an animated version of Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.” AND…if you can’t hang with “Tell-Tale Heart,” watch the Simpsons with “The Raven.”

“The Tell-Tale Heart”

“The Raven”:

Headlines! You know you look for them.

1. Kucinich Questions Bush’s Mental Health…
Ok. Do I really need to say it? Kucinich does realize he’s nuts, right?
Is it me or does Kucinich look like Mr. Peepers? (Dry-hump alert.)

2. No Charges for Tasered Student…
Heh. Yeah, I think he did receive some charges (just not legal ones).

3. Ireland’s tallest tower in Dublin To Be Named After Band ‘U2’…
Great. Bono has a huge ego and messiah complex; now people will be worshipping a phallic symbol in his (and his band’s) honor. Locusts will be arriving shortly after.

What? She likes meeting Bill beneath the oval office desk and has a fetish for cigars? Who would have thunk it?

5. Student finds Italian treasure in old sofa
I found an Italian on a sofa, once.

6. Dogs shoot man on hunting trip
Ever since Michael Vick was exposed, dogs have been a little jumpy.

7. Traffic stop yields embalmed heads
The driver claims that he was just taking them home to make head cheese.

8. Good news for New Jersey squirrel eaters
Ummm…tastes like chicken? (ewwww!)

9. Donkey power fuels ecological rubbish revolution
We have our own donkeys. They keep contributing to the rubbish rather than disposing of it.

10. Old prostitute left streets, needed walker
I hear the guys liked her best. Well, she could remove her teeth.

Actually this is a sad story and something we probably never think of. (However, elect a democrat and our sex workers will have every public program available to them. Even matched savings.)

Doggy bloggin’

I just had to share. I saw two really beautiful dogs, today. I love dogs. They are so much fun to play around with in a yard. Just about seven years ago, I got my cats, because where I live is not a place to raise a dog–an apartment. I also didn’t want to walk a dog (in an apartment complex known for crime) at 4am; not to mention, having a weird schedule that would not be fair to a dog. If I ever get a house, my cats will have to learn to live with a dog. Anyway… these are the dogs I saw. (I’d probably get a golden retriever, though.)

Spotted Great Dane

Let me just give you my whole paycheck, ok?

Not that John Edwards has a chance, but he’s got the “let-the-government-run-your-life” list growing and so I thought I’d take a look. Here are his promises to:

  • ask Americans to make the sacrifice of paying higher taxes
  • have the federal government underwrite universal pre-kindergarten
  • create matching savings accounts for low-income people
  • mandate a minimum wage of $9.50 per hour
  • provide a million new Section 8 housing vouchers for the poor
  • provide college for everyone
  • end the Iraq war
  • provide universal healthcare
  • To overhaul the American energy system

He states that he wants to do this “to do something about economic inequality.” To do this (as I stated above) he will raise taxes, increase capital gains taxes, well, according the article I’ve linked, “taxes on wealth income will be in line with those on work income.”

Two other things stood out to me ( in addition to the insanity listed above). Edwards said that the rich have to “give back” and that “there are no free meals.

1. If Edwards has his way, I will need the Section 8 housing vouchers.

2. If Edwards gets everything else, I will not have money left in my paycheck to pay my bills…including school loans, which I doubt will be grandfathered into his “college for everyone” bull-pucky.

3. I will need free meals.

4. If it wasn’t for the rich, there’d be fewer jobs created. Take away their money, and they won’t buy the things that provide jobs…they won’t even be able to keep lawyers like you, Johnny, on retainer. (You know this already, bonehead: To keep wealth, you have to create wealth. You see where I’m going here, right?)

I’m glad he’s too dumb to win and too busy posing for the cameras to realize that he won’t get elected. If he got elected, I’d make good on a promise to move elsewhere…even Canada and Europe aren’t as Socialistic as he wants to be. New “New Deal,” my ass…try rotten deal. (We are still paying for that new deal, btw.)
(H/T: Concord Monitor)

If I’m going to part with my money for some insane venture, I’ll go the Invincible Donovan University and get my PhD in smoking something really good…well, Arnold says it is just a leaf.

Porter Wagoner

Porter Wagoner has died. For those of you who do not know who he is, he is the man responsible for many successful careers in country music, but most noted for bringing us Dolly Parton. He was respected by many and was always known for his flashy clothes. I think that is why I always remembered who he was when I’d see him on various shows throughout my life.

This song, “Satisified Mind,” is hopefully something Wagoner experienced when he passed.