Random stuff

Have you ever had to explain to teenagers that when Shakespeare uses the word, “ho,” he doesn’t mean the loose girls?

Why is it that the one day I went to the store to pick some bananas they were all green? Now I have to wait to eat them. Dangit.

I think I’ll go see Iron Man this weekend–maybe Friday after work.

I now have my official summer reading list, just for me, screw what the kids are reading:
1. Yon’s Moment of Truth in Iraq
2. 1776
3. Liberal Fascism

I’m also going to take a teaching writing book and grammar book and some journalism stuff (one of the classes I teach). I will be making some major changes to my classes.

Oh, and there’s a church that has ministries that match my abilities and desired areas of service. It would be cool if they ran those programs over the summer and I could be of some help.

Umm….that about covers it.

What’s up with you? 🙂



Recently, a minefield of sorts has been found underneath a defunct drive-in theater near me.

I think of all the years people sat in their cars watching the movies, then in recent years all of the people walking around it shopping for flea market finds.

I’m honestly too tired to come up with a real post for this story. It’s close to home. In fact, it is 5-10 minutes down the road from me and less than a mile from my Dad’s house.

You can read about it HERE. Frankly, the mayor’s puns and tone bother me.

I also wonder why the state of NJ is paying for the clean-up. Shouldn’t the Army be paying for it?

Well, now you have to go read the article, don’t you? 🙂

Hey, maybe they could re-open the drive-in as part of some nostalgia thing and run old WW II era movies and movies about WW II?

Well, the mayor is thinking about a bomb exhibit of sorts if he can get NASA onto the site (which would be cool, btw).

Picture of the Day

I’ll post winners of the caption contest tomorrow evening. Until then, feel free to leave a witty caption entry. My brain hurts, no more decision making today. O.k.? 🙂

Here’s a picture from my drive home. (I pointed and shot with the cell phone…no aiming or focusing or putting any effort into it took place…40 mph…in a 65 mph zone.)

My drive home was kind of a fitting comparison to my day: Long, intense, and annoying.

This was the visibility I had for most of my trip home. YAY! (Didn’t really bother me that much since it was still light out.)

Flyers vs. Habs: Game 3

Tonight the Flyers and Habs play game three of their second round match-up.

Keeping with my “shout outs,” I’d like to play this song for the loudest, brazenist (heh) fans in the universe! O.k., so I have an excuse to play this song. I don’t really like the video, but the song is cool.

In some good hockey news, I found this story while roaming around the Flyers’ site:

Former NHL star, Pat LaFontaine was always a favorite of mine. He was just so skilled. Unfortunately, he had to leave the game much to soon. Fortunately, he has found a calling in life to help others.

LaFontaine is helping sick kids forget about their pain, even if it is just for an hour.

HERE’S an article worth reading.

LET’S GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Headlines: Somewhat "Bad RT" version. It happens.

1. Testicle bill dangles over Fla. legislators
State reps from Miami are always up for some bill dangling over them.

2. Cops: Carjacker asks TV crew for directions
Being the anti-cop, liberal yahoos that television reporters are, the crew members sent them in the direction opposite of jail.

3. Chicago mayor arms cops with M4 rifle
The cops have now been ordered to add, “Who’s your daddy?” to the end of the Miranda.

4. Chinese eatery specializes in penis
Is that why I like Chinese food?

5. Beaver rampages through Russian store
Never make a beaver angry. I’m just sayin’.

6. Father of 77 rejects polygamy
Hmm. . .how convenient. He gets 11 wives and 77 kids and says, “I’m done.” What was it all thrills and fun until number 76? Seventy-seven just pushed him over the edge, eh?

7. India police nab sperm theft suspect
Did they give him the squeeze? Oh, and ewwww!

8. Arrest warrant issued for ‘Darth Vader’
No one has volunteered to issue that warrant, of course.

9. Police: Man tried to take M&M statue
In an odd twist, it melted in his hands.

10. Work Stress Pushes People To Junk Food

Now, from the school administrators can be really stupid file:

11 students suspended for banana prank

ZION, Ill., April 23 (UPI) — A Zion, Ill., high school has suspended 11 seniors involved in a prank that featured a student in a gorilla costume chasing banana-clad seniors in the hallways.

Zion-Benton Township High School handed seven-day suspensions to the costumed students, who phoned in sick before the stunt and wore pantyhose over their heads to conceal their identities during the prank, the Waukegan (Ill.) News-Sun reported Wednesday.

Some of the students said the school overreacted with the harsh punishment.

“What’s funnier than a gorilla chasing bananas through a school? Nothing,” said Andrew Leinonen, the prank’s mastermind and the student who dressed as a gorilla. “It was a harmless prank.”

However, others said they were just thankful the school decided not to bar them from prom and graduation.

“We think this is a just punishment,” said Brendon Epker, one of the students who dressed as bananas. “We broke rules we shouldn’t have broken.”


I thought of a word, today, that is already coined, but struck me funny. It’s a word that describes people I run into at work and at the local hippie grocery store. You know, the type of people that make me want to take an organic eggplant and throw it at their heads…really hard.

I call them huppies. They are yuppies, with the money of the upwardly mobile folk, but they think they are hippies. They take the yuppy wealth given to them by companies that probably support or do things that would make their hippie toes curl. I’m sure they find some way to justify it, and then they go to the hippie grocery store and behave as if they are more in tune with natural stuff than anyone else.

As I took my cart around the hippie grocery store, today, I noticed something else about these huppies: smugness.

I make no bones about my weight. I walk through my day knowing why people stare at me. So, it is always interesting when I go through this store with my wild-caught fish and shrimp, organic veggies and fruits, and antibiotic and hormone-free meats (all for health reasons). I get stares and peeks into my cart. I wonder if they are thinking, “Wow. How does that fat chick know what to buy. She must be too stupid to buy healthy food.” I know that look. Not unlike these folks, the people at work who are like them, stare at what I eat for lunch. They comment on how healthy it looks, too. Funny. I don’t take a second glance at what they eat, except for the times they have something really yummy. I don’t judge it healthy or unhealthy. I stopped eating with everyone else because of it. I eat at my desk with one or two co-workers. As people walk by, they still look and some comment, though.

Back to that smugness. These are the same people who have their lives in neat compartments. They see me as lacking that neatness they desire in their lives. So, I get the stares.

That smugness also leads to some pretty annoying behavior in the hippie grocery store: They like to leave their carts and block the aisles. They see where they need to go and walk blindly without regard for others and run into them with their carts. Then come the looks of, “What are you doing in MY way?”

They are the people out with their only (trophy) child–the one with the hyphenated last name of both his parents. They talk with the hyper-intellectual nasal tone to their voices-where every statement sounds like a question. They get into their V8 SUV’s and drive home to their oversized McMansions.

But hey, they shopped at the hippie grocery store, saved the planet, and put on a good show, right?

There’s something else I notice at the hippie grocery store: When there is another fat person there, we look at each other with the “we’ll get there” look of wanting to do better for ourselves.

Oh yeah, and those huppies? They always seem pissed off about something. They never smile.

Le’t go Flyers!

I was all set to watch the Flyers game last night. I couldn’t wait, because I knew the Flyers were really angry about game one (well I was). But given my true form, lately, I fell asleep minutes before the puck was dropped, and I woke up at 10:30. What a pisser. I even fell asleep during the last 20 minutes of BSG, Friday. I’m tired of being tired.

While I was reading stories written about the game, one quote of Canadiens’ coach, Guy Carbonneau, stood out to me:

“Biron stole the game or he was lucky.”

I’d say what I want to say, in French, even (I looked it up); however, I am trying to not curse like a sailor. Suffice it to say that it would involve what Carbonneau could go do with himself, since probably no one else wants to do that with him.

Here are the highlights showing Biron’s ability to snag the puck:


And for good measure, since someone from Georgia looked up “Let’s go Flyers” and visited my blog because of it, a salute to Biron. Luck and theft…my ass.