What grade do you teach? I am a high school English teacher.  (Yes, I know I make errors on my posts from time to time; however, I see everyone else’s errors, too.  🙂  (To err is human, eh?)

Spouse? Nope.

Kids? Nope.

Pets? I have two cats.  Jawsie and Busser are what I usually call them.  Sometimes they decide to acknowledge that call to them.  Buster, my orange tabby, usually comes trotting to wherever I am when I call his name, though.

Occupation? Contributing to global warming.

Politics? Conservative.

Religion? Evangelical/fundamentalist Christian…Bible-thumper with an edge, though.

Favorite time of year? Spring and fall.  I even like summer; however, I wish I could find a place without humidity.

Favorite food? I used to love fried chicken with mashed potatoes.  I don’t really crave them anymore, though.  I’m developing a “hate” for food, except to eat it because it is necessary.  I love Philly soft pretzels, especially the pretzel braids.  Doughy goodness.

Favorite movie? Slap Shot and The Princess Bride.  Odd tie, eh?

Favorite band? That is a tie, too:  Metallica and Iron Maiden.  I love Dwight Yoakam, though.  Go figure.

Done anything daring? Does leaving home at the age of 18 to live in Los Angeles with a heavy metal band for seven months count?

Met anybody famous? Bob Boone–went to school with one of his sons the year the Phillies won the World Series.  I walked right into him at our Christmas program.  I’ve met a few rock stars, too (members of Dokken, Slayer, and a member of Guns and Roses–that was a bump-into-on-the street type of meeting).

Own anything unusual? Some pieces of Canadian Indian jewelry (from what I’ve been told).  I have a stole that a fur-trapper gave to my great-grandmother in payment for legal services my great-grandfather had provided.  I don’t really own much of anything to be honest.

What kind of books do you read? I read up to 300 pages or more of student writing per week.  In my off time, I like to watch movies or mindless television, since my brain and my eyes are kind of tired.  During the summer I read my Bible a lot.  That seemed more worthwhile than the books I had bought to read, but never opened.  I used to be a voracious reader…until I became a teacher.  My favorites are non-fictional areas like history, biography and autobiography.  I like to see the world through other people’s eyes.  I like fiction that involves adventure and mystery.

Pet Peeves? Fickleness, when people are opposed to one thing, but take the other side without question and thought–contrary people, and gum-cracking/popping by cashiers…some of them sound like cows chewing their own cud.

Things you are looking for in a dream guy? I’ve stopped looking and dreaming.  God knows what I’ve prayed for about two and a half years ago, and if He answers that prayer, I’ll let you know and then tell everyone my “list”.  At the top of the list, though, is someone that truly believes in God, His power, and knows Him as Savior.  That’s the most important thing.  I’d love to be able to pray and worship with someone, and not have to ask for permission to go to church or have my faith be an issue.

Hobbies? Sleep.  There are some hobbies I’d like to develop.  Once I get things squared away at home over the next couple of months, I’ll have more time for hobbies.  I’ll post about them if I ever get to them (involve photography, music, and being active-movies, museums, and stuff of that nature).

Favorite ice cream? I love chocolate, but really like coffee a lot, too.

If you were a tree, what kind would you be and why? I think I’d be a tree that bends in the storms and wind.  Strong and forgiving.

What’s your sign?
I’m a Sagittarius.  Spunky, passionate, and given to deep thought.

You found “the” bottle, what three wishes do you give the genie? 1.  An answer to the prayers I pray for others and their salvation.  2.  For no physical harm to come to my body, whether by illness or event.  (Have had both and its a bummer for sure.)  2.  “Forever” type of love with someone.

What led you to start blogging? I had been ill, stuck in my apartment aside from work, and except for one friend, had lost the others (guess I wasn’t any fun or useful for their needs).  I needed to connect with people.

Have you ever done any kind of farming?
No.  I’ve been told that my grandfather spent his childhood on a family farm (left home when he was 15) in South Africa. When I was little and living with him, he had an amazing garden…potatoes, even!  I learned some things from him and from my dad’s mom (about flowers).  I always wanted a Christmas tree farm or to have a nursery (tulips and daisies among other things).  I don’t think I’d have animals to farm.  I’d get attached and don’t really feel like cleaning up after them.

What made you decide to become a teacher?
Honestly, I had an arm injury from a car accident that limited what I could do.  A neurologist at a big hospital in Philly told me that I’d lose the use of my arm by time I was 30 if I didn’t limit repetitive use of it.  Had to quit the clerical work I was doing (have to watch how much grading and keyboard use I do, too…sometimes I’m bad).  So, someone suggested I go to college to be a teacher.  I liked reading books and English was my best subject, and that’s how I became a teacher.  I was an elementary major, first, but decided I didn’t want to deal with kids puking and urinating on themselves.

What are your thoughts, feelings, opinions on homeschooling? I don’t think it is a cure-all.  However, it depends on the parents and the children involved.  I’ve had friends who were home-schooled and suffered socially; however, that was more do to their parents desire to shut them off, thinking over-protection was the answer.  I’m not sure how much they learned in an academic sense, either.  In contrast, I’ve seen students who have come to my school who were home-schooled up to high school who were amazingly prepared, articulate, wonderful kids, with great social skills.  Like I said, for some kids (and parents) it is a wonderful option, for others?  Not so much.  The one thing that home-schooling does that public schools cannot do is offer a lot of one-on-one instruction, or at the very least very small class sizes (given the co-op option).  Those by-products benefit students, and also allow for students to work at their own pace.  If I had been able to be home-schooled, I would have thrived.  I was bullied and struggled with math.  I excelled in all of the other subject areas and could have worked ahead; meanwhile, taking my time and really learning math would have given me an opportunity to not become a math-phobe.  In college, I did a great job in math and had wished I was able to do just as well at the lower levels.  Maybe I would have had different career paths opened up to me.  Not to mention, that I could have jumped into college at the age of 16.  My school has definite levels for which kids are recommended, but their parents have full veto power.  Helps some, hurts others (parents with expectations the kids can’t reach–not all, but some).  Sadly, there are many schools that track their students to death.  That happened to me because of math.  I was bored and quit high school my senior year.  (Hope all of that answered your question.)

Who do you consider mentors, role models, etc (in any field or area of life)?
My mom’s dad and my dad’s mom were very influential in my life.  My grandpop always let me shadow him when he was cleaning fish, working in the garden, and doing odd jobs around the house.  Even though he died when I was in first grade, I learned what hard work was and to appreciate his absence when I was growing up.  I wish God had allowed him to stick around longer.  My grandmother taught me about the British “stiff-upper lip” and perseverance.  She’s the one that taught me how to be productive and creative.  If I have any social graces (few, I know), they are from her, too.

I don’t know that I’ve ever looked up to anyone as a mentor in a field.  People are always given to flaws and weaknesses, and I’ve never wanted to put that pressure on anyone.  I look more at how I don’t want to be like some people.  I guess it is a twist on your question.  For example, there are a few people I know that thrive(d) on bitterness and taking past hurts out on the world, and the people who tried to love them.  I don’t want to be like that, since I don’t want to be treated that way.  Make any sense?  Hope so.  I try to learn from others hurts, mistakes, and their reactions to those same things.

What is the funniest subject for you?
Wow.  Actually, I try to find humor in just about everything.

What makes you laugh the most? I love dry, one-liner types of jokes.  Things that make me laugh the most are usually stupid things that happen in conversation (spontaneous humor) and being tickled.  Very ticklish.

What do you enjoy most in life? I love laughing, being around others to just hang out, listening/watching music or its performance, and being loved (still waiting for that one).  I love watching people grow and evolve, too.  I am a firm believer that we are always a work in progress.  Unless you are truly evil, you should never be counted out of the race, so to speak.

“People might also enjoy a funny / random disclaimer .”
I’m not good at disclaimers.  Could that be a disclaimer?  Wait, here’s one:

I am a what-you-see-is-what-you-get person.  I don’t believe in pretense.  If you don’t like what I have to say about life, politics, or religion…that is your issue, not mine.  If I disagree with you, that is my right.  That doesn’t make me fascist, it makes me a free-thinking American.


If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, please feel free to use the comments section to ask it.

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  1. My daughter is a personal trainer and someone sent her an e-mail about a woman working with a trainer for a week of hell. I’d love to send it to you, but read it with a German accent.

    By day “Friday” I was rotflol and tears were running down my face. You need it as motivation!

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