Philadelphia Mayor John Street felt the need to sit in line at a store that will sell the iphone at 6:00 p.m. He’s been there since the wee hours of the morning. Now, if he wants an iphone, so be it. However, I think a staffer, one of his children (where’s Shariff?), or someone else could have done this for him. I think arrangements could have been made.

A cop is shot within the last 24 hours (not seriously, thank goodness), the murder rate climbs higher, and what does his attitude connotate? “Eh, I can do my job from here; no problemo.”

According to local news station KYW 3:

“Street planned to stay in line for most of the day, waiting for the cell phones to go on sale at 6 p.m., though he planned to step out to make some appearances.”

Yeah, so he can’t go into the office, but he can make his photo-ops. He can’t be seen making a comment about the problems festering in the city, but he can wait in line for an iphone.

“Angry taxpayer Barbara Jendrzejewska confronted the [mayor], questioning his ability to work while waiting in line. ‘I happen to be in a position where I can conduct my business wherever I am. In part, it’s because of this technology that we’re getting ready to see today. I don’t have to be in a particular place,’ Street responded.”

That may be true, in part. HOWEVER, there is an attitude that is being sent through loud and clear: I don’t mind spending my work time and taxpayer dollars sitting in line like a moron for a GADGET!

The worst part is that he is clueless as to just how stupid he is. He has ruined the police department and its morale, dismantled a lot of the emergency protection provided to the city, can’t seem to get someone to do anything good for the schools, and in doing all of this, he has made an already beleaguered city feel even less hope. It is palpable. I don’t even pity Camden as much as I pity Philly.

Philly could be an awesome city with influence because of its ports and easy access to other parts of the East Coast. Rather than good things, the last 20 years (at least) have seen failed administration after failed administration with the pinnacle in mismanagement displayed by the present inhabitants of City Hall.

But, you know, the Mayor has managed to wait in line for a phone, thus continuing to show his true priorities.

(H/T KYW 3)–This link takes you to the full story as reported and an on-air interview. Please watch it so that you fully understand (non-Delaware Valley people) how inane this man truly is and why Philadelphia is such a mess.

Some more video links (he says so much worth laughing at):
NBC 10 Funny in a sad way.

Philly’s got WIFI, but the schools lack necessities. Street, “I can’t afford the hot rod, but I can afford a $600 phone.” How about you take that $600 and donate it to a food bank, or buy some homeless mothers clothes for their children?

Fox 29 Click on the video link about half way down the article. Street, “I’m here, but I am actually working.” Why don’t you go to your office and present the image of a mayor of a major city? Go visit the elderly to make sure they’ve made it through the nasty heat and humidity ok. Go thank cops and firefighters for their hard work. Oh wait, those things are beneath you.