1. Motel guest gets one-ton wake-up call
After entering the wrong room, a drunken Rosie O’Donnell mistakenly performed a body slam on whom she thought was her girlfriend.

2. Cops bust teens’ root-beer kegger
They also confiscated 10 cartons of candy cigarettes and three boxes of bubble gum cigars used for the “Go Fish” tournament.

3. Road warrior Cheney takes along trailer
Well, he has to hide the bodies somewhere.

4. Man writes check on 2-ply toilet paper
Never write a check your ass can’t cash.

5. Pubs ban U.K. treasury chief after tax hike
What a novel idea! I wonder if our prostitues, pimps, escort services, and otherwise well-heeled special interests would do the same until our politicians stop taxing us to death?

6. Camels line up for Gulf beauty contest
While they claim it is a “scholarship” contest, I hear the camel with the biggest humps always wins.

7. Child molester killed in Canadian prison

8. 6th World Choir Games set for China
I hear the sopranos are set to kick some butt. Well the castratos could try, but they lack the cajones for a real fight.

9. Blind allowed to hunt in Texas
Heh, Cheney will have competition.

10. Even dog prays at this temple
Praying to the porcelain god is nothing new.


Sunday Song

I couldn’t make up my mind which song to play this Sunday. I bought a CD of hymns this week and a version of THIS song was on it. I really liked it. I was also pretty happy that I was able to sing along with the song. 🙂 However, I didn’t know what else to say about it.

Then, when I was looking for a certain song, I came across THIS one. Not a particularly Christian song, given the focus of this weekly post. It moved me and reminded me of how we can’t close ourselves off from others. There are plenty of Bible verses that could reinforce the song’s message, though.

I ended up choosing the song below. Why? Well, praying is a good thing. My real reason for picking it is because the harmony (correct musical term?) is a bit haunting.

I seem a bit aimless this week. Hope one of the songs tickled your fancy. If not, there’s always next week. Have a good Sunday and a good week.

Del McCoury Band
“Get Down on Your Knees and Pray”

Memory is clicking

Wyatt has a post about his memories of growing up watching wrestling. Wyatt’s favorite, Ric Flair, has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. You know, you don’t hear a lot of funky stuff coming from Mr. Flair like you do other wrestlers.

Well, the talk about wrestlers got me thinking about some of my memories and favorites. When my dad wasn’t taking me to a few of the WWF’s stops at the Spectrum in Philly, I was watching the likes of George “The Animal” Steele on television with my grandmom.

I had a lot of favorites; however, I must admit, this guy was a favorite for only two reasons: he was HAWT and he was from South Africa. He was a good wrestler, too. Really. Seriously. I mean it.

I present to you, Steve Simpson.


Forbes has published a list of cities in the United States most aligned with the seven deadly sins. I think you might find some surprises.

Sin #1: LUST
Denver ranked number one based on the amount of condoms and contraceptives (all types) sold. No wonder they are so happy and laid back.

San Jose, CA wins the title of greediest! What? You thought D.C.? NYC? Nope. San Jose, thanks to the tech world, has the most people with individual fortunes.

Sin #3: ENVY
Memphis is the winner! Surprised? Don’t be. Memphis rates tops in property crime.

Sin #4: WRATH
Detroit is the most murder-filled city. Really? Guess that’s what happens when your mayor is too busy texting or cavorting in top-secret meetings with his closest adviser.

Philadelphia is going to have to try harder. It was ranked ninth. In 2006, Detroit had 47.3 murders per 100,000 people; Philadelphia had 406 murders per 100,000. For some perspective, New York City has 7.3 murders per 100,000. After looking at the map on Forbes, all I can say is that I live near a lot of murderous cities, y’all.

Sin #5: GLUTTONY (Did they stop by my house? Yikes!)
Guess what!?!?! Memphis is really obese! They must be eating a lot of fried peanut butter and banana sandwhiches. Gag!

Philadelphia didn’t even make the list! However, the city where I will be spending my summer ranked seventh. Dagnabit.

Sin #6: SLOTH
The third time is the charm! Memphis wins again!
Apparently lots of fatty food and too much television will win you the distinction of being a slothful city.

See, in Philly, people are eating fatty foods, but they are spending a lot of time running from thugs. Who needs a treadmill when criminals are chasing you?

Sin #7: PRIDE
Forbes based their findings for pride on where people are most likely to show vanity through cosmetic procedures. I don’t think Memphis won this one.

So who do you think won? L.A.? Nope. NYC? Nope. John “botox” Kerry? Close, but no. Salt Lake City won. Wow, those Mormons need to read their Book of Mormon a little more closely. It does explain Mitt Romney, though, doesn’t it? Btw., my city for the summer? It ranked sixth. I’m doomed.


It means a lot to know our parents are proud of our decisions. When Seth Dupont of Massachusetts went to take his enlistment oath for the National Guard, he knew his dad would be watching, but he didn’t know his dad, Lt. Col. Daniel Dupont would being giving him the oath via teleconference from Iraq.

“Well, stand up, state your name and raise your right hand,” the elder Dupont told his boy.

Tears welled up as Seth Dupont repeated the oath; then he told his father he loved him.

“Congratulations, son,” his father said. “I’m proud of you, man. I love you, too. You made a good, strong decision.”

It was a very emotional moment for both.

The boy’s dream? To be a helicopter pilot.
The boy’s inspiration? His father. (NEVER doubt your role, guys.)

*Be sure to click on it to see the emotional picture provided. It’s an AP shot and I don’t want to risk their wrath. /snark

Weighin’ In: Week 13

Well, it is week 13 and I think we are about halfway through the weight loss challenge. While I’m not down about my progress (weight loss is weight loss), I know that I can do better.

Making a lifestyle change is pretty hard. Sometimes it is easier to rely upon “what you know” rather than continue to make changes and keep focused on a goal, especially when food can equate comfort.

I’ll get there, though. I’m kind of stubborn that way.

My goal for the next few weeks is to hit the 30 pound mark. As for now, I lost one pound this week. It might not sound like much, but I had off from work and did absolutely nothing of substance; PLUS, I made it through a holiday that included my mom giving me a ton of candy…which I ate. Overall, I better be happy, because I could have gained.

I hope you all had a great week. If you didn’t, there’s always this week.