a ponderI just spent an hour and a half changing my phone service and setting up my electric/gas service.

At one point, my gas/electric guy (40 minute phone call) managed to screw up what he was entering, uttered, “Oh…what have I done now?  How do I go back?”  Then he said, “Sorry, we are going to have to start over.”

In the grand scheme of things, these are trivial matters, but I have stuff to do.

Just needed to vent a little.  🙂  I know it is stupid stuff to get stressed over, but I’m kind of overwhelmed right now.


3 thoughts on “BAH!

  1. Trivial, maybe. However, if you were 40 minutes late on paying the bill or you made them stand there and explain how to use the remote for 40 minutes, they’d show you their displeasure real quick.

    I’ve got to where I literally hate dealing with “customer service” people. I swear they’re the folks that couldn’t hack it as a Wal-Mart greeter.

  2. Snigs
    My day got better, though. I had to renew my contract with my trainer and his boss gave me an extra day a week for what I was already paying. That was a no-brainer! I also got my brand new vacuum, today. Do you realize that this time next week I’ll be cleaning and prepping my new house for the official move in??!?!?!?!?

    I know. I’m annoyed at being so annoyed. Stupid stuff.

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