Grateful and blessed…

Over the past year, I have had been working on me.

Most importantly, I’ve been working on my relationship with God.

Two years ago, I battled some personal downs…not many ups to be found, and then coming out of that, I experienced the tragic death of one of my colleague and the slow demise of another. Within it all, I started to slip in my faith, as I allowed influences in my life I knew were not conducive to my spiritual growth.

Last winter, I pulled the emergency brake and shut everything down. I had to. I had to remember who I was and am in Christ.

This process required some hard decisions, but necessary ones. I’m glad I made those changes, including making this blog mostly (if not entirely) focused on my faith.

I am not perfect. I am a sinner and have my struggles; however, God has done nothing short of showing me His faithfulness and goodness as I seek to serve Him and others, as an extension of him, more.

When we begin to feel we can set our own course aside from God, we will experience many frustrations and even failures.  Trust me, there was a battle of wills many times on my way to work…that’s when I do a lot of thinking and praying…with my eyes open.

While I am ashamed of the person I became, I am forever grateful that God gently taught me lessons I needed to learn and gave me the peace to know that a walk with Him is not futile. He didn’t let me completely fall on my face.

I heard this song, today, and it reminded of me of how far I’ve come this past year. I have a long way to go, and Lord willing, He will allow me a lot more time to grow and learn…and positively influence others for Him.


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