just yammerin’

I have been wrapping up things at work to end the marking period. I usually get really stressed and loopy around this time: ending one marking period, beginning another, plus the planning, plus immediate grading, plus written and objective test mid-terms, and I am getting a student teacher ready to take over my classes ….which eats away my prep periods.

So, after school, today, I was finishing up essays, and I became so frustrated. I know the time I put into planning, teaching and properly assessing the skills of my kids…they work hard, too. However, I feel like there is a disconnect when I see the product of their efforts.

As I am sitting here winding down, I am thinking : how often does God invest His time and effort ….even the blood and sacrifice of His son, only to have me “perform” as if I have never been instructed. Just as I try to give my students the tools for success, God does the same for us. I am grateful that because of His grace, we do not receive a grade.


4 thoughts on “just yammerin’

  1. Thank God for Grace and Mercy! Where would we be without it? I often ask the Lord to help me to be as faithful to Him as He has been to me. A challenge for sure!

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