Checking in…

Hey…been a weird few weeks: I had a stubborn sinus thing and then my shoulder had some kind of weird strain/pulled muscle thing that took a week to get over…three weeks of yucky.  Sorry that posting has been so infrequent.  Even my planned Proverbs study kind of stopped at Proverbs 4.  Truth be told, work has been crazy.  The prospect of selling my house and moving is the only thing keeping me sane, to be honest.

I also haven’t felt like writing much, in fact, this is the first day in well over a week that I’ve even fired up the laptop.  Work has me coming home and vegging out.  Too many changes, mandates that make absolutely no educational sense…not planned out well, either, and well, winter hibernation, I guess.

Writing will begin again, soon.  It is the end of the marking period, and over the next three days, I need to grade 100 essays, 150 other regular assignments that require just about as much brain power as the essays.  Then, I can keep on top of things as the marking period ends in a week.

Hope you all are having a good week.  🙂

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