A lullaby

I was listening to this song, tonight. It is written as a lullaby for Christ, from Joseph’s perspective.

It made me think as I was watching the images of all the cute little babies…I wondered how much Jesus did know as a young child (this is also reflected in the lyrics).

Imagine a restless baby Jesus, and you are Joseph, and you have to comfort that baby and care for him…knowing He is the great I AM.

No pressure there, eh?

I think my mind is just stuck there…I think of Jesus as the adult who died on the cross for me. I dare say I rarely think of him as a child (pre-temple…running off from mom and dad to be about His Father’s business days). Imagine him playing tag…did he always know where people were hiding? He always seems to know where I am hiding.

What was it like trying to teach him how to be a carpenter? What was it like to teach him how to walk? What were his first words?

I just cannot fathom it…can you?

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