Sunday Song

Sometimes our weeks take a weird turn…just when we are experiencing some “ups”. You know, those days when nothing particularly earth-shattering is happening, but you feel restless, unsettled and at odds with your faith. The past few days, maybe because of fatigue and dehydration, I’ve just been plain agitated and restless. I’m so grateful for all of my blessings. I have many, and I know God is my Father, and that He keeps an ever-watchful eye on me and takes care of all of my needs. But I am human…I get frustrated…tired…hurt…bothered…and that all leads to a gnarly mood. Not going to lie about that one. HOWEVER, God is good, faithful and understands my “moments”.  He still listens to my prayers, and He still loves me. He is never against me, but always for me.

(The really good, relevant Bible verses for this song are included in the video I’ve chosen.)

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