I know I have been focusing on my faith on this blog, but I just have to take about two minutes to whine:

1.  I’m one tired puppy.

My feet and legs have not ached like this in a very long time (think it is all of the rain we’ve had).  I’ve come home everyday and have just fallen asleep.  That about sums it up.

2.  Whoever makes THESE for me will have my heart!  Wow…imagine…being that special.

There’s more, but I am blessed, and I don’t want to complain.  I have a job when so many don’t, and I am especially blessed to be employed where I am…truly.


4 thoughts on “*whimper*sigh*

  1. But I won’t be there to eat them! :/ (It looks really yummy!)

    I have so much planning to do, and I so tired that I can’t concentrate. I’m trying…

    I should be okay in another week. This week just seemed to kick my butt. Our school has been really hot and humid, and the weather outside has been super-soaker rainy. I think that is contributing to my fatigue and aches.

  2. It was the overall temperature of the school. It was extremely hot and humid in the school (papers felt wet) for the first three days, but Friday it wasn’t. Friday, I was fine, and I feel great, today. I asked around a lot of people were feeling the same. We don’t really have windows, so that complicates matters.

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