As I (slowly) read through the book of Ruth, I am trying very hard to not just read it as the “love story” I was raised to see it as. There is more to it. However, it is hard not to see how God provided Ruth, an outcast, with someone who was not only a blessing to her, but also set up a mighty lineage and legacy. It is also a reminder that when we reach a point where we (probably mean me) give up on God-ordained love here on Earth, that maybe He’ll provide someone. I say maybe, because as much as I want to believe, it is hard sometimes…for a lot of reasons that I’d rather not discuss here.

That said, I now move on to Chapter 3 (writing somewhat in a stream-of-consciousness manner…you’ve been warned).

In my scant research and study of the book of Ruth, Boaz, Ruth’s kinsman-redeemer, is said to be comparable to God in his attributes.

When Ruth was faithful to Naomi by obeying her advice, she found herself at Boaz’s feet.

She stated her desire and he responded by offering to have her in his life (after some cultural formalities), showed her kindness and not rejection, and provided a good amount of grain to take back to Naomi.

He said he saw her as noble and so did the townspeople. That is saying a lot, given she was a Moabite, an outcast…setting herself up for nothing but judgment and rejection, but instead, because of her obedience and faithfulness to her mother-in-law, Ruth was blessed.

All of this is much like when we lay our desires at God’s feet and seek to be obedient. His response? He provides. He shows favor. Most importantly, God will never reject us. He has always claimed us for himself, and for all of the benevolence Boaz showed Ruth, it can never compare to what God shows us.

It cannot be denied, though, that God was the true matchmaker between Ruth and Boaz, and God used what seemed like impossible circumstances in Ruth’s life to bless her with love and with a spot in Christ’s earthly family tree.

Now…where is my Boaz? (Been asking that for a good year or two, trust me.)


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