Prayer and learning

Today, I was reading a devotional about perservering in prayer.

It isn’t easy.

Often, I find myself praying and praying and praying, with nothing but silence and dead ends.

Other times, I see with awe God moving in ways that only prayer and that quiet connection to God can bring.

I have been discouraged recently. Not so much in my faith that God can do whatever He promises and states in the Bible, including answering my prayer…but, discouraged because of my own impatience.

I create my own discouragement–not God.

The other day, I was praying about some goals I have for the coming year, asking for God’s blessings and favor on them. I also prayed for people I care about very much, their relationships with God and that His blessings and hand of protection be on them.

With regard to my goals, I will try to not be my own discouragement and will remember…God’s timing and His will are perfect.

In that, I can be fully confident.

Since, I didn’t do a Sunday Song this week…here is a song that I have been hearing a lot on the radio the past few weeks. It, I think, hits on what I’ve been thinking a lot for a while:

(I was going to link the devotional that I receive by email, but when I went to the Web site, THIS was the devotional…different from what I received, but just as important, if not more, given what I wrote above.)

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