In Ruth 2:3 it states that Ruth “happened” upon Boaz’s fields.

So she departed and went and gleaned in the field after the reapers; and she happened to come to the portion of the field belonging to Boaz, who was of the family of Elimelech.

If you ever speak to a true believer in Christ, especially based on his or her own life experiences, that believer will tell you that there is nothing of chance or coincidence that happens in life.

If I were to give you all of the “events” of my life and the blessings they led to, you’d see that belief in action.

Entwined with that belief is that our steps are set for us, and that we are led, by God, to accomplish His will. It is when we do things out of our own selfish desire that we end up off track.

Ruth was on track: She had been faithful to her mother-in-law, and Ruth showed by her actions that she was faithful to how God wanted her to honor those around her, by following her new land’s laws (which were God’s laws) and by making sure Naomi’s needs were met.

So, Ruth “happened” upon Boaz’s fields to glean the remnants of the grain provided for the poor if they worked for it.

Boaz took notice of her and, as he had heard of her background and of her via one of his employees, he showed her grace. He also allowed for her protection from harm.

Ruth was faithful, and God provided someone, in her path, to bless her in a way she could not even fathom. Remember, she was from Moab…she was lower than dirt, an outcast. Everything she did was at risk to her own safety, both physically and socially…but Boaz showed her favor.


Chapter 2 convicted me in a couple of ways:

1. As I stated earlier in this post, God does provide a path for us. That is because He has walked before us to plan that path. Whether it be through existing relationships or ones that God provides to get us where we are going, I firmly believe this to be truth. I also believe that God uses our circumstances to either keep us in place or to get us up and moving. Ruth is an example of all of that.

2. Grace…God used Boaz to bestow upon Ruth blessings for her faithfulness. She of all people, given her societal status at that time, should have been shunned at best. Instead, Ruth’s behavior and deeds were rewarded by one of the biggest names in town.  God uses whoever He pleases, as He pleases.  You could have a past that you think God would and could never use.  God says otherwise.

All of this should be encouragement to stay faithful given who and what God has provided in our lives.


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