And my next Bible study will be. . .

Today, I began a Bible study that I wanted to begin last summer (opted for Esther instead). Over the next week or two, I will be studying the book of Ruth.

Mostly, I am reading a commentary and then I will read the Bible and its study notes. I look forward to it, and I will post more as I study.

For me, being able to say that I’d be up for anything and willing to go anywhere is a true statement, even though the realities of doing so would take God’s hand…big time.

For Ruth, picking up and “going” came at a cost–leaving her faith and leaving her homeland. She turned to God completely by leaving Moab with her mother-in-law, Naomi.

That took clear devotion and a genuine heart–one that says, “By leaving here with you, I am choosing your God as my God.”  Her decisions to follow God and to show obedience were rewarded.

In doing so, Christ’s lineage and birthplace were solidified.

Ruth is a small book, but a very important one for many, many reasons.


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