Just a really nice story.

I thought I’d go into a holiday with a sweet story:

Joanna Reyes was living in uptown Manhattan in February when she came upon a postcard tucked into a pile of junk mail.
“My dear friend. The thought of you inspired me to write,” the note, in flowing cursive, opened. “Dear, how are you doing? The countryside is looking like spring, the hillsides have a soft blanket of green grass, dotted with yellow and white flowers. Beautiful. I guess I’m just a simple girl at heart. Life is romantic adventure. Remember, romance is everywhere. I love you. Love, Rose Carrera.”

Dated March 1987, the beautifully written message could have been meant for Joanna: The 34-year-old was in a rut, lamenting not yet being married or having kids, and contemplating a move to California.
But even though it was meant for another woman, named Caroline, the message spoke to Joanna. “There [was] something so special about it,” Joanna told Matt Lauer on TODAY Wednesday. “It just sat with me; still sits with me today. You could tell that they were two dear friends.”


Rose’s 1987 postcard had been in response to a request for advice from Caroline after the boyfriend she had moved to New York to be with turned out to be Mr. Wrong. But why had it taken a quarter of a century and the intervention of a stranger to get the two women back together?
“I just thought she had made a decision, and that was OK with me,” Rose said of Caroline. “I felt that Caroline knows what’s best for her.”
Caroline said she had similar feelings. When she got no reply from Rose, she figured her friend had moved on.

When I saw this story, I was reminded of the people I’ve lost touch with over the years. There haven’t been that many, but enough to make me wonder what they are up to. Some, I’d rather never talk to ever again (don’t ever travel 3000 miles for anyone, just sayin’.) However, there are a few I miss very much.

How wonderful it must be for those two, long-lost friends to be reuinted.


2 thoughts on “Just a really nice story.

  1. Thank you….and so true. Recently, I found out two childhood friends had died; one was murdered. It didn’t feel all that good to not know what was going on in their lives.

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