While I was at the gym…

When I exercise without my trainer, I do so in the movie room.  I have low-tolerance for boredom.  Exercise is boring.  It has its benefits, obviously; however, I’ve never been one to not count the minutes.  Tonight, I lucked out and got the A-Team movie.  I kid you not:  I did not keep looking at the time on the treadmill and the bike.  In fact, I was bummed that I had to leave.  Usually, I do not openly respond to a movie while in the movie room.  There are many guys around, and I don’t want to be that girl.  While I have been known to fight back tears (who the heck thinks Marley and Me is a good choice for a gym’s movie room), I don’t usually laugh and whatnot.  Tonight, I was giggling.   I thought the movie would be stupid, but you know what?  I was pretty entertained the entire time I was watching it.  So, if you haven’t seen it, and you are a “renter” of movies, I suggest you watch it.  It isn’t “epic”; however, it is fun, and you won’t find yourself analyzing it for its deeper purpose and meaning.  You’ll just have fun and a few belly laughs.  It is over-the-top, but that is one of its perks.

Here are two excerpts from my favorite scene.  I didn’t give you all of it.  One thing that really cracks me up is Murdock’s t-shirt.  It figures that the crazy guy has that shirt on.  Those of you that know me will find the humor.



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