Psycho chicken!!!!!!!

Down in New Orleans, there is a little problem: feral chickens.

Since Hurricane Katrina, Ruby Melton’s 9th Ward enclave has welcomed a new species of neighbor: clucking, crowing, prancing chickens that dart across streets and nest in the trees. Wild chickens roam the streets of many downtown New Orleans neighborhoods.

“We don’t have stray dogs any more,” said Melton, 68. “But everyone I talk to has stray chickens.”

They roam, wild–like a pack a wolves…only they are chickens. All the years of cock fights and endless pots of chicken and dumplings have come home to roost!

I hear at night, they find witless victims who think their next dish of chicken gumbo is at the ready and savage fowls peck the eyes out of innocent, hungry people.

You could say they are psycho chickens.

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