Night out with RT

Every now and then, the people who run the funny farm allow me a little time out of the day-room.  Hey, if Nurse Ratched approves, it must be okay, right?

Anyhoo, tonight, after a good visit with the nutrionist, I went out to dinner at a pretty decent Italian restaurant and then went to a Phil Vassar concert.  He is a country guy, and he is most famous for the songs he composes, that other people sing.  He’s had his share of hits on his own and when others sing his music.

I’ve only seen him a few times on television, but I always liked his energy and what I could see of his shows. However, I really didn’t know what to expect.  Well…he was very entertaining, really interacted with a rabid and crazy crowd.  (Who knew the folks around here thought they were at a metal show or something:  women dressedlike tramps, men yelling, people drinking…it was something to behold.  Right up there with the Merle Haggard show I went to at the Ryman…crazy crowd.  They were fun, though, and Vassar fed off of that energy.)  My only question about the crowd is this:  Why on Earth, in Southern NJ, are women going to a small-town auditorium dressed like tramps to see a concert by a guy whose music doesn’t inspire one to be trampy…(drunk maybe, but not trampy)?

The band played without a set list and whatever people wanted to hear (for the most part), they played.  A couple of new songs were tried out on the crowd, too.  They were pretty good, too.

One highlight of many, throughout the evening, was when Vassar decided to make his way through the audience.  The auditorium where the concert took place is small-ish, so he was able to really get up and personal with folks.  He did make a stop in front of me, but the camera wasn’t at the ready.  Here is a pic of him a few people over.  See the guy trying to give Vassar a high-five?  He was sitting there, before the concert, with his iPhone and his laptop at the ready.  For world domination?  I don’t know; however, he did tape the entire concert on his iPhone (might have even been an ipod…not sure…wasn’t going to ask).  The guy next to him was taping, too and they had a microphone connected to one of the chairs.  Crazy.

So, yeah…I had a nice time.  It has been a while since I went out to do something fun.  I must do it more often.

Kind of made me miss Nashville and all of the concerts I went to while I was there a couple of years ago for the summer.

Here is one of my favorite songs of the evening.  Not going to lie, it made me gulp a lump in my throat and get something in my eyes…they kind of watered.

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