Life lesson

Today, I read a story on that was so moving, inspirational, hear-felt and so painful, that I had to share it. Nick Charles was the original sportscaster for CNN. He was also a boxing commentator (he called his last bout last week).

He is dying of terminal cancer. His story is so worth your time. Please read it.

You can access the story by CLICKING HERE.


4 thoughts on “Life lesson

  1. Just so heartbreaking, but so inspirational. I’m always amazed by the strength of those facing their own mortality. His bravery in sharing his story is touching.

    He really puts things into perspective and it is interesting to read what he has to say about rebuilding the bridges he burned. I think reading his story allows for reflection on how much we take our blessings and those in our lives for granted. We all get selfish and prideful from time to time. His life is a good lesson. He’s learned a lot, and he’s been able to restore his relationship with God and with his children.

    I got something in my eye when I read it, too.

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