A break in the silence…

As many of you know, I’ve had chronic pain issues for the past five years.  When I lag behind or let others go up or down stairs before me, I usually just say I’m a gimp and leave it at that.  But in reality, that’s as fast as I go and the stairs are a challenge at times.  This is because my right leg has had little feeling in the calf, painful tingling in the toes, and an achilles tendon that tightens up so much that it feels like it is going to snap with the next step.  Of course, it hasn’t and likely never will…just feels that way.  I have nerve damage from the health problems that converged almost six years ago.

Well, this past week I noticed something in my walking:  I’m faster.  Also, when I went up the stairs at work the other day, I was able to do it without feeling like my right leg had no strength (comparably speaking).

The best thing happened this morning, though.  I was laying in bed, kind of praying…bad week…needed prayer.  At one point in my prayer, I muttered, “It would be nice to not be in pain all of the time.”  I was especially referring to the achilles.  It is the first thing I “feel” when I wake up.  A few minutes later, I noticed that my toes weren’t tingling as much, as if someone had uncinched a hose (can’t think of how else to explain it).  Then, I realized my achilles wasn’t hurting and that my calf had more sensation when I touched it.

I went back to sleep, and when I woke up, everything was still “good”.  I still have some lack of feeling in the two toes that I’ve had problems with, and the calf is only partly “alive”; however, the achilles is the most noticeably changed.

Please pray that this continues and that it encourages me.  I compensate a lot and work hard to not really let on how much pain I’m in, so that I can just live my life.  (My trainer knows, don’t worry.)

See…in all of this silence that I’ve been experiencing, God has sent me some encouragement.  I know He hears my prayers, and He is faithful, loyal, patient, and good.

4 thoughts on “A break in the silence…

  1. I keep flexing it thinking, “Is this for real?” I’ve been praying about my leg. I still have issues from the massive fluid build up I had five/six years ago. It has been a long five years, and I have been praying for more healing so that I can do more physical activity. There is so much I want to do. I’m grateful for my improved health, the weight loss, and for God allowing me to get my legs back as far as I have. The other day, I was stepping up onto a curb, and while it is still hard to do, I remember when it was something I couldn’t do. I look at those ramp areas of sidewalks for wheelchairs and remember that’s all I could muster, and even then, I had to watch my footing and tell myself, “heel; toe” every time I took a step.

    So happy for a no-intense-pain day. 🙂

  2. Thank you. 🙂 So much improved over the past year or two; however, the largest bit of progress has been since September, especially with the weight loss kicking back in.

    I’m so grateful for how good I feel and for how much progress I’ve made. You have no idea. I’m not that good at expressing those things.

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