How time flies…

You ever have one of those winters?  I’ve been realizing, lately, that I have, and have neglected some things important to me to boot.

I was just looking at my faith-related blog, Faith and Fellowship, and I realized, that despite my reminders to myself, I haven’t updated it since JUNE!


Right now, I am attempting a personal Bible study of James. However, in a few weeks or so, I will try to begin a new study for Faith and Fellowship.  Not sure on what, though. Given world events, Revelations might be in order–not sure I am up to that one.  Originally, when  I had finished with Esther, I was going to study Ruth, but I’m not sure I’m up to that one, either.  When I decide, I will create a post and link to it.  If you feel inclined to read it, feel free.

Until I get my act together, though, my study of Esther is up from last spring/summer.


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