Heard this on the way home, today…

Lately, I’ve been listening to my iPod when I drive around, but today, because of my stress level being through the roof by time I left school, I decided to listen to KLove (well, I do donate to them every month…might as well…ha!)

I heard this song by 10th Avenue North. Often, I deal with my past, even though I know I am beyond forgiven by God. A lot of times, I think my past has a way of knocking at my door, so-to-speak, to make me feel like crap. This song was a blessing, today, because I have been feeling like all I ever do is screw things up…too much to even go into. However, the words reminded me that I am more than all of those things….because of God. He defines me…not those “things”.

(Guess this is a Sunday song a day late. Yeah…that’s how I roll.)

Hope you all enjoy the message of this song as much as I did. (When you click on the arrow, you will have to click on the link. Sorry.)

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