That is about as nicely as I can put it, folks.  I try to keep my language clean on this site, but there is no other way to explain this brand of idiocy…

Yeah...just because you have muscles doesn't mean you are a good person. It just means you think that is all women want. Dork.

(H/T:  Gawker)

I will never claim to understand why people do what they do.  Most us try to live our lives in a respectable and honest way.  I also realize there are people who can’t control themselves and have issues.  Clearly, thinking, as a public figure, that you can get away with cheating on your wife by soliciting dates on Craigslist, means you’ve got problems.  Then again, a lot of politicians are so into their own hype and self-importance, they think that spreading their seed is what the world wants.

People need to get over themselves and live in a manner that honors the vows they make.  I’m tired of these a-holes.  “Over here, look at me…squeaky clean image, and don’t mind the skeletons fumbling over each other to get out of the closet.”

Sorry…I have little tolerance for juvenile behavior when it comes to adult matters.  I’m not perfect by any means, but at least I don’t go around trying to ruin the lives of the people I care about, so that I can entertain my whims.

So tired of immature politicians who think they are still in high school.  Grow up.

2 thoughts on “DOUCHEBAG

  1. I just don’t get it. Yet…it is that type of personality, for the most part, that goes into politics, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. I’m more surprised by the belief he could get away with it. Delusional.

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