The Reaganator

I was searching for something to write, today.  Been trying to do that a little more.  I came across a clip of Peggy Noonan giving Andrea Mitchell what-for on a Sunday morning panel show.  1.  It was awesome to see someone shut Andrea Mitchell up, and 2.  It gave me the chance to learn more about Ronald Reagan.

As I stated in my Sunday song, I was a teenager during his two terms.  While I knew what was going on in the world and had a good grasp of our government, I really didn’t know much about Reagan’s political history, other than switching parties and his time as California’s governor.  I had never had the opportunity to hear any of his earlier speeches, so I was glad to find the one I think Noonan was referencing.

In Peggy Noonan’s verbal slap, she mentions a speech in 1964 wherein Reagan states his philosophy about government at that time.  What he said then is true today, without a doubt.  So, here are two clips:  one is Peggy Noonan standing up against Mitchell, and the other is an excerpt from Reagan’s 1964 speech.  If you would like to watch the entire speech, CLICK HERE.