In lieu of a caption contest this week…

To be honest, I had a photo, forgot to post it, and it was used elsewhere.  As I was looking around for another photo to use, I saw this picture of a very young mother, holding her newborn son.  He never met his father.

It struck me.

I’ve been feeling down about a lot of things, lately, and have been trying to remind myself of just how very blessed I am.  And I am grateful, but we all have our “moments” of ugh.  I know that.  This photo reminded me of my blessings.

Few (or none) of us will ever have to face the pain of losing a spouse in war.  When I saw this young mother, who now has to begin her life again, without the one to whom she vowed her life…much sooner than she had expected, I thought that instead of a caption contest, that when you see this photo, perhaps you’d remember those serving in war zones on our behalf.  If you are so inclined, please pray for them, their families, and their loved ones/friends.

God answers prayers.  Perhaps your prayers of protection over someone you know or of someone you’ve heard of being in a war zone might make all of the difference.

Kait Wyatt carries her son, Michael, during a burial service for her husband, Marine Cpl. Derek Wyatt, at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., on Jan. 7. Wyatt, of Akron, Ohio, was killed Dec. 6 in Afghanistan. Wyatt’s son was born 24 hours after Kait received the news of her husband’s death.

7 thoughts on “In lieu of a caption contest this week…

  1. Fading light dims the sight
    And a star gems the sky, gleaming bright
    From afar drawing nigh,
    Falls the night.

    Day is done, gone the sun
    From the lakes, from the hills, from the skies
    All is well, safely rest;
    God is nigh.

    Then goodnight, peaceful night;
    Till the light of the dawn shineth bright.
    God is near, do not fear,
    Friend, goodnight.

  2. I couldn’t look at anymore photos after this. Just felt (strongly) that respect needed to be paid, and that maybe we could all take a moment to remember the sacrifices.

  3. Smite got it right… I have attended too many funerals of good people gone way too soon… RIP Corporal, you did your best. Know that your Marines will take care of your family.

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