Howard Dean: What an idiot.

You know how folks who obviously have some brains totally lack common sense and an ability to see things as they are? Well, Howard Dean is a classic example.

Honestly, I truly wonder sometimes how people with some intellect can have views such as Dean’s.

Case-in-point, in light of Reagan’s upcoming 100th birthday and the celebrations planned for it, Howard Dean
decided it was a good time to voice his opinions
about Reagan’s legacy.

While Reagan is considered in polls and by historians to be one of the five greatest American presidents, Dean took the view that the Republican really wasn’t consequential. “I think it’s hard to point to particular singular accomplishments that are for the ages, I mean there was no civil rights bill or Medicare or Medicaid established. I attribute the collapse of the Soviet Union much more to Gorbachev than I do to Reagan.”

Let’s see. . .just a quick review as I remember things: When I was in elementary school, while Carter was president, we had staggering issues with unemployment, energy, gas prices and supply, and our national self-esteem was at an all-time low–not to mention no one took us seriously.  Then, when I was a teenager…jr. and sr. high, there was optimism, there were jobs, folks were spending money, and the big, bad red machine was rusting and falling apart…Mr. Gorbachev eventually did tear down that wall, as instructed by President Reagan.  (Oh, and there was that little matter a few years earlier with a certain line of death in the sand…that we crossed without fear.)

Reagan said things like “Tear down that wall,” and meant it…it was taken seriously. Now, when a president says, “Let me be clear,” or “Make no mistake,” what has been said has turned into a drinking game, because NOTHING of substance is being said, no plans are concrete, especially of the take-it or leave-it variety.

NO ONE TAKES US SERIOUSLY because of the empty language and actions coming from D.C.

When Reagan spoke…the world took note.

Now, I think I will go see if any birthday celebrations are in the area, and if there aren’t any…I think I will have my own.

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