Tonight, I had the pleasure of having two of my cousins over for dinner and to ring in the New Year.  Even though I wasn’t in the best of moods…New Year’s Eve seems to do weird things to my chipper disposition…hanging out with them helped me to find some giggles and gave me the opportunity to have them over.

While I was waiting for that ball to drop in NYC, I tried to think of what I would write as a post for this new year.  Frankly, I don’t have much of anything.

I would like to “wish” you these things, as I would wish them for myself:

1.  I hope that your relationships are fruitful ones, and that you are considered as an integral part of the lives of others.  We all need to show care and love, but we all need to experience the love of others, too.  If you lack love, I hope you find it.  If you are struggling in the love you have, please be mindful of how blessed you are to have love.  Not everyone is as blessed.  Do the mature thing and work on it, rather than give up on it.

2.  I hope you all find fulfillment in whatever occupation and hobby-like pursuits you have, as being balanced in work and personal improvement and achievement are important.  I am learning this more and more every week, as I see how much I have allowed my job to eat away at my life.

3.  I wish for you all to have excellent health.  Without good health, you cannot enjoy the blessings that await you, so please take care of yourselves.

4.  Please remember that none of us are perfect and that we can’t lead perfect lives.  Accept yourselves as you are and work from there, whether it be weight loss, breaking a bad/harmful habit, or some other area of self-improvement.  Be patient with yourselves.  Likewise, be patient with others, as they are trying and doing the best they can with what they’ve got.

Thank you for reading this blog.  I appreciate it.


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