Love and light for the world

As we approach the holiday season, many folks get into a very generous, giving mood, even finding themselves wanting to do good and/or make the world a better place.
In that spirit, here are the blessings I wish for the world this holiday season:

1.  I hope that Taylor Swift gets a severe case of laryngitis…rendering her unable to sing.  Oh wait…she’s already got the unable to sing thing covered.

2.  I wish Cher success in her decades-long hobby of house-flipping, so that we do not have to endure another movie release that 1.  is a crappy movie to begin with, and 2.  so we don’t have to listen to her vapid views on current events.

3.  It is my most fervent wish that bacon be declared a health food…then hippies will look healthy.

4.  I wish the world would embrace the jiggle.  Everyone would so much happier.

5.  And my final wish for the holiday season is that The View be sent out to pasture…well, they do employ cows and they need to be out grazing somewhere instead of spewing stuff from their second stomachs.


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