Don’t save a place in line for me

There are a few things in life I can guarantee you will never see me do.  Two of them are stand in line for a doll experiencing Cabbage Patch Kid levels of popularity and taking part in the Black Friday mayhem.

I have little patience when I am in crowded places.  I get hot, impatient, and don’t want to deal with the stupidity of others.  (Maybe it is leftover grrrr from the mosh pits.)  Now, if I were to add to that people focused on buying a doll for a kid who will probably play with it for a day and those crazed bargain hunters…you might need to get me some bail money.

So…THIS is something I presume to be in the news a lot, with mothers in Wal-Marts beating the crap out of each other to get one for their little tikes.

Me?  I’ll be at a Flyers game, thank you.  I’d rather watch hockey players beat on each other while I have a pretzel and a Coke.


5 thoughts on “Don’t save a place in line for me

  1. We are apparently cut from the same cloth, RT. Except for the hockey. Me being southern and lacking “exposure” to good hockey, I’ve never developed any affection for the game. I hate shopping under normal conditions, so if you throw in those type idiots, I really get the urge to go postal.

  2. I’m trying to remember if I’ve ever participated in Black Friday. Surely I would remember it if I had. It’s bad enough attempting to do normal shopping around Christmas time. People are so rude!

  3. Bob
    I’ve shopped on Black Friday maybe twice. Just not my idea of fun.

    I’m okay when I with others, but by myself, I get very impatient and bored….unless I shopping for someone else and/or it is not a busy holiday shopping season. Just chaos.

    My luck is always getting busy with after school stuff and not being able to do my shopping until a few days before Christmas. Fortunately, I only have my mom and dad to shop for.

    Not worth it.

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