So…how you doin’?

I can’t explain it.  I’ve been feeling wonky the past few days.  I get really obnoxious and irritating…well, that is my perception.  I know my blood sugar has been a little low and I’ve been really stressed out with work, but wow.

So, if in my dealings with any of you, at any level, here on the blog or otherwise, you have found me thusly, I’m sorry.

I need a vacation, I know that much.

You know what I think put me over the edge?  Aside from drive from Hades, Sunday, I found out via a third party that my district’s superintendent sees my school’s faculty “as a problem” and that we need to “be broken”.  Yeah, we only send kids to the best colleges in the country and to top universities in other countries.

I think all the sadness, angst, and stress of this school year is taking its toll and it is bleeding into how I interact (or overly interact) with folks.

This is my 11th year of teaching, and I have never felt this stressed out.  I have colleagues say the same thing that have been teaching longer than I have.  It all comes back to our love for the kids.

Thanks for “listening”.

5 thoughts on “So…how you doin’?

  1. That’s it. Your next vacation is out here in the Ozarks. My treat for everything but the gas to get here. ❤

    I promise not to make you feed the hog or milk a goat. Unless you want to.

  2. God love ya! Sounds like you definitely need some R&R. Heck, I think we all need some R&R! I was just telling my sister the other day that the world just seems so crazy right now. And I mean CRAZY in a looney toons sort of way. Reading the news is so depressing when encountering stories where people have no morals, disconnected thought processes and their lack of compassion is staggering. It’s like the whole world decided to lose it’s mind overnight.

  3. Kim
    I won’t have to castrate anything will I?

    I had a bad spring and summer and then the beginning of the school year was just awful. They have added so many new things to our routine, that it is all just piling up. My co-workers are feeling it, too. And yeah, then the craziness of the world is just getting to me. I just want a slice of normal: normal relationships, normal things to do, some relaxation, etc…I just feel like I’m under the universe’s 10 ton thumb.

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