A new kind of rock candy

As a teacher, I encounter some strange things:  I had a kid think he was sneaking a knife into class last year.  I’ve had to stand calmly and talk a kid down from causing great harm to someone else.  I’ve broken up girl fights, and I’ve had to have security come to class to get kids who appeared under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

But, I teach high school students.
Imagine being the teacher of a pre-school aged child and finding crack in that child’s shoes.

After a 3-year-old Boston girl complained that her foot hurt, her preschool teacher took off her sneaker and found 17 small plastic bags containing crack cocaine.
Police say teachers at the Walnut Grove preschool were adjusting the girl’s sneaker Monday when they found the individually wrapped bags of crack.
The teachers told police the girl said her mother had put “candy” inside her sneaker.
(H/T:  Smite A. Hippie)

Her mommy’s “friend” took the blame, but for-real.  If you have friends who are doing drugs, chances are you are, too.
Please find this child a better home, folks.  That’s the least you can do.





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