Just, wow!

Tonight, I was feeling really stressed out and full of angst.  I have been this way for a few weeks, but I think the combination of new job stress and the end of the marking period and its inherit stresses have rendered me ready to pop.  So…I decided to go to a movie.

I went to see Due Date.  I’m not really going to talk about the movie other than to say that there were two women laughing at the entire movie, so I think they might have smoked something green before hand.  There was a couple to the left of me sucking face and a couple in front of me sucking face and doing other things I don’t think I’ll mention on this somewhat clean blog.  Ugh.

So…I was on edge the entire movie:  stress, inappropriate people, and just plain grrrr.  Even the pretzel bites I got were gross.  At least they couldn’t screw up bottled water.

I digress.

When I left the movie, I walked into the food court (only way back from where I came).  As I walked through, I heard this bizzaro sound of Christmas music played in a circusy-sounding kind of way.  I felt like I was in this other dimension.  Either I was about to hear the theme from Twilight Zone or Shakes the Clown was gonna come get me…one of the two.

As I made my way through a sea of teenagers, young children, and that band, a nutcracker dude on stilts almost walked over me, a guy in a dinosaur puppet-outfit thing walked by, as did people with hula hoops and a unicycle.  Add to it a conga line of Santa, Mrs. Claus and their helpers…well, I just wanted to get out of there.  I was beginning to understand the Santa scene in a Christmas Story.  I’d be that little kid crying.

Then, when I finally reached the safety of the general mall area, and sat down to email my friend about all of the mayhem, a guy with a banjo comes strumming by, followed by a guy dressed up in somekind of mascot-like outfit…big furry whatnot random animal character.  He stopped right in front of me, talked in a Barney-like voice, and had young girls (teenagers) take pics with him.  I almost asked to see if he was a registered sex offender.

I walked back to my car, got in, took a deep breath, and never felt so happy to not be around people.  Wow…


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