Thoughts on Vlad the Impaler part 1,000,001


Putin, a sensitive animal lover, also loves long walks on the beach and to cuddle with warheads.


Those of you who know me, know I think Putin is the spawn of Satan.
In fact, I often get hits from Russia and the paranoid side of me thinks he’s plotting my destruction.

(Just kidding…maybe.)

Anyhoo, in W’s new book about his presidency (sounds like a good read, btw), he discusses an incident or two involving Vladimir Putin.  The subject?  Dogs.

Former President Bush writes about the episode in his memoir, “Decision Points,” which hits book stores next Tuesday.

Bush says he had introduced then-Russian President Putin to his Scottish terrier, Barney, on a visit to the U.S. presidential retreat, Camp David.  Putin returned the favour when Bush visited Russia and Putin was giving him a tour of the grounds of his dacha.”  A big black Labrador came charging across the lawn. With a twinkle in his eye, Vladimir said, ‘Bigger, stronger, faster than Barney,'” Bush writes.

As the article I’m citing wraps up, it brings up something more important–Bush’s view of Putin’s/Russia’s actions toward the end of Bush’s administration:

Bush says the low point in his relationship with Putin came in August 2008 when Russia invaded neighbouring Georgia. Bush complained to Putin directly at the Olympic opening ceremonies and noted to him that Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili is “hot-blooded.””I’m hot-blooded too,” Putin retorted, according to Bush.”No, Vladimir, you’re cold-blooded,” Bush said he replied.

Somehow, I do not see our current president having the stones to say to another leader that he is cold-blooded.  Our current tenant in the White House would probably apologize and find a way to blame the U.S.

The more I hear about this book, the more I want to read it (or get the audio version and listen while I drive).

So, let’s sum this up:  Putin likes pictures of himself–shirtless, on horses, hunting, holding weapons, doing his martial arts thing, wears leather, and reportedly ditched his wife for a younger model.

I wonder if he suffers from the same issue of shrinkage that Napoleon Bonaparte did.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Vlad the Impaler part 1,000,001

  1. You have to remember he was, is and always will be KGB… People are paying attention to stuff like that, while his other hand is ‘managing’ Russia behind his back. And W’s book is worth the read!

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