Caption Contest

Getting an early start to the contest this week.  Provide your witty captions, and I will post winners Tuesday evening.  Have wonderful and safe weekend.  🙂




3.  Wyatt Earp

“. . . and Deliverance us from evil . . . Amen.”

2.  Jeffro

Billy’s buddies decided the old “hand in a bowl of warm water” trick was just too tame.

The winner is. . .

1.  John D

It’s drill weekend for the Brookview Trailer Court Militia.




Cowboy Blob
Family Security Matters
Rodney Dill

7 thoughts on “Caption Contest

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  2. I see Bill (Ayers), Arne (Duncan), Kevin (Jennings), and Sean (Penn). Oblunder is in the bathroom with Anita (Dunn), Jane (Fonda), and Van (Jones), firing up the bong. Or is it bung?

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