I am not the walrus…coocoocaju

You Are Ringo Starr

You are fun loving and carefree. No matter how much success you’ve had, you never take yourself too seriously.

You have a good sense of humor, and you like to goof around. You’re more than willing to make fun of yourself. 

You are generous and caring. You feel like you’ve been given a lot in your life, and you’re willing to give back.

You do the right thing because it feels good. You don’t need your flattery or your ego nurtured.


3 thoughts on “I am not the walrus…coocoocaju

  1. Donna=Mr. Conductor! 🙂

    I got Lennon. >.< I had someone call me genius once, but I'm pretty sure they were trying to be a smartie pants. My tastes do tend to vary though.

    You Are John Lennon
    You are smart, experimental, and questioning. Most people consider you a genius.
    You can be extremely avant-garde or extremely mainstream. You taste tends to vary quite a bit.

    You are very intellectual, and as a result, somewhat political. You can't ignore what's going on in the world.
    At times, you are a bit of a tortured genius. This is the price you pay for being brilliant and introspective.

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