Wondering and pondering

It has been a while since I asked some profound questions of you all.  These questions have been burning a hole in my brain.

1.  Why do my legs wait until I go to bed to cramp?

2.  Is it me or is Obama turning into a sixth-grade kid who whines about kids not wanting to play wall ball with him?

3.  How do you think the elections will turn out?

4. I’m thinking of taking up passive photography as a hobby to help me focus on things other than work (if I see something I like, I’ll point and shoot, heh…won’t be staging anything).  What hobbies do you all have?

5.  Got any questions for me?

Okay…not profound, but better than me rambling about something stupid.


One thought on “Wondering and pondering

  1. 1. Must be some kind of unwritten law. Happens to me too frequently.
    2. Turning into? He’s always been.
    3. Hopefully with GOP majorities in the House and Senate. If this country’s gonna survive, we need this to happen.
    4. I read a lot. Too much.
    5. Not at this time, hun.

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