Can’t cure stupid

Thug: (Thinks to self…) Hey, lookie, lookie. There’s an old lady working at that gas station. She’ll be easy pickins’.

Inside the gas station the thug approaches the older woman.

Thug: Yo! Gimmie your money, granny!

Lady: No.

Thug: I gotta gun.

Lady: No.

Thug: Pretty please, with a cherry on top?

Lady: No.

Thug: Oh, come on (stomps foot and pouts).

Lady: No.  (The thug, sulks, then turns and walks away.)

Well, that’s my interpretation of it.

What really happened when the idiot thug tried to rob this woman?

“I didn’t even really think, apparently,” the clerk said. “If I had, I wouldn’t have opened my big mouth. It just made me mad and I called his bluff and opened my big mouth and he took off. … I didn’t even get shaky, but afterward I did.”

I would have cried and given him the money…and cried some more.

Here are some more stupid criminals:

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