Wooohoooo, par-tay!!!!!!!!!!

I've got my sleeves up and have my casual politician pose perfected.

I am often intrigued by the politcal process in other countries.  Take the U.K., for example.  Increasingly over the past 20 years (approx.), they have run their campaigns with an American flair.  I clearly remember a story focused on Tony Blair’s first campaign for prime-minister and how it was considered so “American” in its style.

Looking at the various politicians, it is easy to see that they are all pretty much alike:  unctuous, swarmy, and out-of-touch folks only focused on themselves.  (It’s about the people, right?  Okay, stop laughing.)

Case in point:  Labour Party’s David Miliband.  He is the one person taking the lead for Gordon Brown’s seat.

He thought it would be a brillaint idea to provide supporters with a step-by-step guide on how to throw an Obama-esque dinner party in support of his candidacy.  


Honestly, I’d try to make up my own funny guide, but this cannot be topped.

It begins with some stock paragraphs to read down the phone to invitees — and, remember, “No one can resist a delicious spread of food!”.

“5:30pm — get in from work, give the place a quick vacuum and general tidy (or not, if you’re not that type),” the guide on his campaign website says.

“Put the oven on and get the nibbles in. If there are drinks, get them chilling. Pick some music.

“7:00pm — People are arriving, take their coats, get them a drink, all that good stuff.

“7:50pm — Show David’s leadership House Party video.”

At 8:40pm, hosts can read out some more stock paragraphs, beginning: “I hope you have enjoyed this evening — it’s been really interesting hearing your stories… Whatever our different perspectives on the issues discussed tonight, one thing is clear — that we can achieve more together than we can on our own.”

And at 9:00pm, “finish the meeting with a thank you”.

And before you think his office would spin this away from Miliband, this was his office’s response to the newspapers mocking his guide:  A spokeswoman for Miliband said: “Every leader needs to know how to run a party“.

I think the only thing missing is a hat-tip to Martha Stewart and announcing his plans to marry his longtime partner Bruce on a special holiday in Spain.


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