But I want to be a dingo!

You Are a Sugar Glider

You are both cute and active. You are very curious about the world around you.
People may find that you are a bit quirky and offbeat, but you are truly very intelligent.

You are very social, and you bring a playful element to every occasion.
You are easygoing and not at all aggressive. You only will act to defend yourself.

2 thoughts on “But I want to be a dingo!

  1. You Are a Crocodile
    You are fierce and strong. You go after any prey that is in your sights.
    You have a take charge personality, and you are quite dominant. You are not easily intimidated.

    It’s likely that you’ve had to struggle for survival in your life. You’ve had to develop a very thick skin. You can be brutal, but you can also be tender. You tend to have two sides to your personality.

    Um, it’s kinda scary that they hit the nail on the head after only asking 4 or 5 questions. o.O

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