I forgot it was Friday!  Here’s a pic waiting for your witty and entertaining caption.  I will post winners Tuesday evening.  Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!


This week’s winners…

3.  John D.
Beefcake or beef jerky? You be the judge.

2.  Rodney Dill
The Vienna Boy’s Choir has changed a little over the years.

1.  Wyatt
MTV’s first venture, NASCAR Shore, never caught on.


Cowboy Blob
Family Security Matters
Rodney Dill
Target Rich Environment


10 thoughts on “CAPTION CONTEST

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  3. I can’t make any funny comment, as I’m too busy shaking my head. I swear, any one of those dimwitted looking guys could pass for my stepson.


  4. Looks like the real Jersey Shore, to be honest.

    They are ticketing people in France for looking like that these days. There really are fashion police.

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