Caption contest winners and headlines…

To see this week’s caption contest winner, CLICK HERE.

And now for the headlines (some of which might make your head explode):
1.  (Gore’s) Accuser’s friends urged her to remain silent, ‘otherwise, world’s going to be destroyed from global warming’

Then they pushed her off of the top of the ziggurat and prayed to the tree fairies.

2.  FDA: Airline Food Nationwide Fails To Meet Health Standards
Hmmm…they took Green eggs and ham kind of seriously, eh?

3.  Kagan’s Own Words: It’s Fine If Law Bans Books Because Government Won’t Really Enforce It
Well, it is not like the folks in the government read any laws, bills, public opinion, etc…

4.  5 Things Your Boss is Thinking as You Ask for a Raise
a.  “I wonder if my tee-time can be moved up.”
b.  “If I hit this delusional twit between the eyes with a paperclip launched by a tight rubber band, what kind of mark will it leave?”
c.  “Gee, this seems like a nice enough guy; ooooo butterfly outside my window.”
d.  “Dag, this guy has been here so long that I could hire two, newly minted college graduates and tell them how I want them to think…maybe I should fire the guy.”
e.  “I’ll give ya a raise!”

5.  Police arrest models after fashion show
Apparently they were caught stealing a french fry from the venue’s kitchen.


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