Well, you can’t say I don’t have a type.  Unfortunately, this type is only to be found in ’80s rock stars and on the movie screen.  Ordinary guys can’t really carry this off, because they don’t have professionals making them look this hot and yummy.  In any case, I just wanted to share…I’m generous like that.

The new "Conan the Barbarian," Jason Momoa.

6 thoughts on “Ummm…..WOW!

  1. You could have showed a little more of his body, but from what I can see- he looks pretty good. He needs a haircut.

  2. NFO
    I don’t think he looks that bulked-up. Those smudges are actually cosmetic tricks to make him look a little more muscular. Shadowing was probably done, too. He probably did take some legal supplements, though. 😉

    Mrs. Crankipants
    I think that’s the shot being released for now. I LOVE long hair.

    Well….you know…just trying give your ego a boost. 🙂

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