Cutest fishing story…ever…

I have been kind of feel weary, lately.  The world seems a bit more chaotic than usual and it is hard to find any heart-warming stories to break the string of Obama worship, troop bashing, higher tax-driven politcians, and the lack of civility. 

When I came across this story of a little girl, her Barbie fishing pole, and a day out with grandma and grandpa, I decided we could all use this dose of innocence and simplicity.

2-year-old Ella was fishing with her grandparents at Round Lake near Randall, Minnesota on Saturday when she reeled in the big one. Ella, who comes from a long line of anglers, had never caught a fish until Saturday.

She caught her first fish at Round Lake not with the star plastic lure on the Barbie fishing pole, but with a hook and worm.

“Ella had her sunfish on and she’s reeling it in,” her mom, Carrie Haag, said. “Here comes this big muskie that went and ate her sunfish. So I grabbed the pole and yelled for grandpa David.”

Grandpa grabbed a net and soon they landed a 30-inch muskie weighing in at a little under 20 lbs — a fish bigger than the fisherman who caught it. The Barbie fishing pole survived it all and little Ella was so excited, she said the first thing that came to her mind — “I caught a shark.”

CLICK HERE if you’d like to read the rest of the story and view the accompanying video.


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